Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is Tuesday.

She went to heaven last night.

She was 2 years old and had stage 4 cancer.

She was a trooper.

Her life, inspired me.

I do not want her to be forgotten.

I have always hated cancer, had some kind of passion in me, waiting to be fully awakened.

I feel like that is happening...more and more.

The more I knew about her story, the more I got angry at that disease and who put it there.

My God is a healer!

Right now, my heart is sad.

My prayers are for her Parents, twin sister, and two brothers.

Please join with me.

Praying that God would comfort their hearts, and help them heal and lean on each other during this difficult time.

As for me, I'll get back to you on what I want to do about this anger against cancer.

There is no question though, I need to get more involved to help find a cure, because that passion is there for a reason!

Thanks everyone!


Leah said...

praying for the family right along with you....

Peggy said...

Oh my. That pains my heart. I HATE cancer too, and you are right - it seems to happen more and more! I am a big supporter of cancer awareness and finding a cure.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tuesday's family. Tuesday will forever be their Angel.