Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is Tuesday.

She went to heaven last night.

She was 2 years old and had stage 4 cancer.

She was a trooper.

Her life, inspired me.

I do not want her to be forgotten.

I have always hated cancer, had some kind of passion in me, waiting to be fully awakened.

I feel like that is happening...more and more.

The more I knew about her story, the more I got angry at that disease and who put it there.

My God is a healer!

Right now, my heart is sad.

My prayers are for her Parents, twin sister, and two brothers.

Please join with me.

Praying that God would comfort their hearts, and help them heal and lean on each other during this difficult time.

As for me, I'll get back to you on what I want to do about this anger against cancer.

There is no question though, I need to get more involved to help find a cure, because that passion is there for a reason!

Thanks everyone!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks, The Moment

So this week I am supposed to tell you, that moment or circumstance when I knew Nathan was going to be my husband!

I would have to say there are two things that got me to that place,

#1. He had told me loved me, he wanted to court me, he knew I wasn't at that place yet, but he would wait for me. [that wasn't even the good part] I remember he looked me in the eyes in the parking lot out front of my dorm, and said, I want to help guard your heart, Sarah. I seriously want to just cry thinking of that moment, never had I known someone so concerned for someone else. Usually in relationships, you put all you have out there, hoping not to get hurt, and his concern was for ME! That is an awesome man of God right there.

#2. We were in the common area of the men's dorm building [GLT] and there were a bunch of us all chatting up a storm, someone said something that made me BUST out in laughter. For those who have not met me, know this, I have a LOUD laugh! It leaves quite the impression on people, or so I've been told by others through the years. Well, I had become a little self conscious in the few years before this incident, and so immediately clapped my hand over my mouth, almost in horror as I looked over at Nathan to wait for his reaction. He got a HUGE smile on his face, and told everyone in the room "that's my girl"...that's how I knew he loved me for me. =]

My husband rocks, because he has been putting forth an effort this whole week, to paying attention to what I'm saying. Really listening to me, and putting me before all the "stuff" that swamps his brain in the evening that sometimes robs me of him. He is doing great, he made me a little puzzle out of index cards that had a nice little love note on it...he left a note in my lunch today...that just said I love you, and he spent time with me, with no agenda no pressing conversation that needed to be had, no talk of money, just loving being around me, and it fulfilled a need that I have...and I'm just thankful that he realized it. He truly is an amazing man, I can't say that enough.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Splash of Color

Due to the fact that I have an awesome job that lets me have hair any color I want, AND I finally found someone that can dye it for a decent price, I hopefully will be getting my hair dyed in the next couple weeks, here are some fun pictures I found when looking for colors...

So I really want something different, not sure about the last two really, I just thought they were really cool, maybe something along those lines though, definately digging the yellow and pink, I also like the dark underneath, and it would probably be pretty regular colors on top and the color will be all in between, since I have quite a few layers...this is me currently just so you have an idea of a before picture...
Let me know what you think, and have an open mind lol! I like to be crazy! =] Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Musical Monday

So today felt like a musical monday...not sure if I'll do it every week, but today I'm joining in! =]
I am a music FREAK, I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, from praise and worship, to hip hop, to an instrumental, to rock and roll and I can't believe I'm saying it but even a country song from time to time will touch my heart, and let's not forget a little punk too! I love it all. Different days, different styles, I could make this blog completely about music...which may have just sparked an idea for a different blog, but anyway today I present you with Leigh Nash, a woman with one of those dainty, angelic voices singing My Idea of's a love song, oh yes. When it all boils down, my three passions are God, my husband, and music. So today we have two of them in this song, music and my love.

My favorite line so you can wait for it is "How in God's name did you find the Lonestar's loneliest girl..." When my husband found me, I had just gotten out of a very serious relationship, that was about two and a half years long, I didn't know if I could find love, if any guy would actually take hold of my heart...I had moved across the country from Michigan to Texas, and was going to school. God loved me so much that He sent Nathan from Michigan to Texas as well...and that's where he found me, in the lonestar state, and the loneliest girl...this song just touches so many parts of my heart, when I played it for my folks my dad said, did you write this? with a chuckle...I hope you all enjoy it.

The music video almost made me cry, at the end. B/c I know that 70 years from now, I'll say the same thing, I would do it all over again, with Nathan by my side. What a blessing to find that kind of love.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Important Prayer Request

Steve and Kim

This is a couple from back home that played a big part in a lot of my highschool mission trips. They are also one of my good friends in-laws.
The last few months have been a HUGE roller coaster for them. From first finding out that she had breast cancer, which led to a double mastectomy. Then after that a hysterectomy, which had complications...anyway it's been quite the road. She is recovering well, and her faith in God has been astounding, and just an amazing example to follow.

Well, they just found out yesterday that after her husband drove himself to the ER due to stomach pains that he has stage 4 cancer, that is on his liver and pancrease and I think somewhere else, they are tumors and well without treatment they are giving him 4-6 months to live and with treatment they are saying a year. It's said to be incurable. The heartbreak she must be feeling at this moment I'm sure is beyond words, and yet her faith is still intact. Realizing more than ever that EVERY day is precious, every hello, kiss, snore, conversation...all things so easily taken for granted. She has such courage saying that they will fight this disease until God tells them to stop, and if He does that she is excited for Steve that he will go to heaven. Some may not understand that, some of you may not even pray...but if you do, could you PLEASE lift up a prayer for this couple. For peace, for healing, and that God's will would be done!

I will keep you guys updated, thanks for caring.

My Husband Rocks on Saturday this

So my husband rocks, I had such a busy day yesterday I didn't get to write about it though! So here it is Saturday and I have some time.

First off let me tell you about my day b/c the reason my husband rocks this week is b/c of last night. So my beautiful Brandi is getting married in June and I'm going to be in her wedding! =] We went yesterday to try on dresses, b/c we get to each pick our own they just are all going to be the same color. It was SO much fun. My mom drove up and hung out with me in the afternoon, I got a haircut, and bought a pair of jeans for only $15 oh yeah! and then we went to David's Bridal for dress shopping...
All of us after we were done. Noel, Me, Tina, Brandi [the bride], Melissa, and Nikki
This is Me and the bride...I'm wearing the dress I chose! [it has pockets! and won't be navy]
Yeah we had a blast we were all laughing SOOO hard! Then we went over to Melissa's house and hung out for bit while we were waiting for Nate to get out of work.
After Nate got out of work, I went to my very first party! I went b/c a girl at work that I get along with very well is moving and it was a going away party. It was a LOT of fun, probably too much fun. The subject of drinking is so controversial to me, I have so many feelings and emotions, especially with wanting to go into ministry, it just makes everything that much more complicated. So I'm praying a lot about it, b/c it's so important to me to believe what I believe b/c I believe it not b/c other people have told me this is it. It's just that the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, and I want to make sure I get the same thing out of what the Bible says about drinking that everyone else has. Many people have many different opinions, some people you should stay away all together, some people think you can drink as long as you don't get drunk, some people think you can drink and even get drunk but not as a lifestyle such as being a drunkard. I'm curious only b/c there are stories in the Bible where people that we strive to be like or look up to were indeed drunk...what does that mean. So as of this moment, I don't know where I fall, but last night I drank too much, yep. It was a lot of fun at first, I wasn't nervous anymore, everyone thought I was hilarious, Nathan was there not drinking so he could drive me home, I talked with SO many people about God it was really weird how He comes up in my conversations so much. It was really cool to hear what other people thought, and why they did. I even explained to them my confusion about whether or not drinking was wrong, it was a lot of fun, but for those of you who do drink...they say you are supposed to drink "liquor before beer and you are in the clear", "beer before liquor will make you sicker" well I never puke EVER. Not even when I'm sick and feel like I could just puke I would feel SO much better. Yeah never. Last night my dear dear husband is driving me home, at I think it was 4:30 am [we didn't get there till after midnite] and I say to him, I think I have to puke, he says do you need me to pull over, I say no I'm fine and like 3 minutes later out of nowhere I got sick. Oh it was awful. Nathan pulled the car over took care of me, carried me up some stairs helped me up the others and got me into bed. He took care of me so well, brought me home some Tylenol after he went to work at 9am and left me a card telling me he missed me and would see me soon. So that is why my husband rocks this week. Whether you think drinking/getting drunk is wrong or not my husband deserves credit for taking care of me through it all, he even talked to people about God as well...they all thought he was super cool, he said he had never really experienced being around people that aren't saved and being cool even though he's a Christian so it was really cool for him. I'm just glad I got to go and say good bye to my friend, and I got home safely.
Me and Dina

As for my drinking decision...well let's just say I'm leaning towards the not getting drunk side of the road, but either way. I'm glad that getting drunk is NOT something I do on a regular basis, the next day isn't as fun. to say the least.

Thanks for walking along with me and listening to me sort through my stuff. Learning things myself sometimes is so much more beneficial b/c I actually "get it" in my head.

Love to you all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old Friends

It so amazing how things all intertwine. Nathan took me to see Bride Wars on Sunday, so funny! I love both those gals so I was bound to be a fan...I left the theater though feeling a tad bit down. Because I have wanted a friendship like theirs for the longest's a very sore spot. Many people find that their husbands are their best friend and they don't need another one, and so I suppose I thought that Nate would be "enough" and that longing would go away, but it never did. In reading Captivating [haha] I was validated in desiring that friendship...girl friends are important to a woman, a friendship with a woman is so different and offers something different than your relationship with your husband, and even a friendship with a guy it's just completely different. My husband fullfills all the needs he is meant to fill, but he can not fill that need for a good girl friend, because he's not supposed to.

Well, anyway on facebook [I'm so addicted] some people from my middleschool started a group on there for alumni. It's so fun to see all these people from middleschool! See I was popular in middle school, not in high school, no no not in high school, I had a handful of "friends" but no one that actual ever liked me for me, I only keep in touch with one person from highschool, that I can think of at the moment and she was my friend in middle school first! So anyway, we have all been catching up and posting's been very nice.

It reminds me of old friends that I miss, guys that would have been amazing friends still had we not dated...that sucks. Wishing you could go back and just stay friends, never taking that next step. Although I learned so much from those relationships and experiences, I can't help but miss their friendship some days...if only things could be different and we could overcome the awfulness of breakups, and be friends again, maybe just maybe you never know. I'm glad that my husband is cool with it, if it ever does in fact happen, but for now I just am thankful for the time we did have.

I wonder if anyone understands...

Write more later,

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Can I talk about politics? If you don't like this topic...I won't feel bad if you pass this one up, I understand! =]

I just want to say that it doesn't matter who you voted for, where you allegiance is democrat or republican or even independent, at the end of the day, we should have allegiance to this country, no matter who is president.

I was on my facebook account reading people's comments on why or why not they would be watching the inauguration on Tuesday...and people are still slamming each other, Obama, Bush and even saddens me, irritates me, angers me, and then saddens me again.

First off I didn't vote for Obama, I have my reasons, and it doesn't matter what they are at this point, because Barack Obama is going to be our president whether I like it or not, whether I complain about it or don't, I had my chance to vote, I did, and now it's over. There have been presidents before that we haven't liked that have done good, some not so good, but we can vote again next time and either way, this can not be changed.

In our household we are grabbing hold of the good things, praying that some things that were said will change, we are praying for wisdom for this man, and will be watching the inauguration b/c history is being made! Whether it's fair or he's the right man for the job these things that people are choosing to dwell just doesn't matter. This is a moment in our country's history that our children will read about in books. How amazing is that?!?!?

I feel like it's most important to embrace this new president and back him up with prayer and respect, b/c I expected it from people for the guy I liked. It broke my heart to see how disrespectful people were toward a man that is damned if he does and damned if doesn't. He did the best he could. I believe he tried his very best and stuck to his morals the best way he could. I'm sure he made mistakes and fell along the way, but when you've never been a president before who isn't going to make mistakes?!?! I believe this country is a media run country, we grab tid bits of information and run with them...we judge and we are quick to hate. Obama is amazing and great and in 4 or 8 years, I'm sure people will be disrespecting him the same they did with Bush and Clinton and so many before them...why can't we understand that we don't have all the facts, that we don't know the half of it, that one man does not determine the outcome of an entire country. He is mostly a face of our country that can say no to a lot of things, beyond's the people that half of us don't even bother to vote for, that do most of the deciding. I'm not claiming to know everything and I certainly don't want a debate with anyone, and I will not feel bad for deleting negative comments. I'm just saying that whoever is in office, we should be praying for him whole heartily, and not verbally smacking him, even if we don't like them. As the president they deserve our respect.

Let's have some class, and lose or win this one gracefully.
Thank you President Bush for all your hard work, blessings to you and your family as you enter your next chapter of life.
Welcome President Obama, may God give you wisdom to handle the upcoming trials correctly, that you won't lose your vision for our country and that God would help you bring the "change" to this country that it needs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husband Rocks

My Husband Rocks this week like every other. Like I mentioned before, I just finished reading the book Captivating, AMAZING book! Very eye opening, helpful, encouraging, healing...I really could go on. At the same time, my husband was reading Wild at Heart which is written by the same guy, except Captivating is co-written with his wife. We learned a LOT. I don't think very many people could have sat down and chatted with us in the last month without this book coming up! We were changed!

Last night I was having an emotional night, like so many of my nights have been lately unfortunately. My husband used his strength to comfort me, holding me close as I cried. Praying over that I would find a purpose for the day, coming against the enemy, and he just spoke life into my weary soul.

He never ceases to amaze me, he is constantly growing and becoming that man of God he was made to be. He rocks for putting up with me! =]
I didn't realize this week we are supposed to also add a generous wife tip, "it can be on any subject - anything that you do or would like to do more often to make your husband feel loved and respected!"...I always like to text him poetic things that show my love, or even goofy things, today's was: "I love you more than Cheez Its love cheese...the really BIG ones!" I also like to pick up cards at the store and then randomly leave them places for him, last night I left one in the bathroom for him, thanking him for showing me his strength, which helped me find rest, which allowed my beauty to be seen. He said it meant a lot to him. Encouraging my husband as often as I can is something I find joy in, letting him know I'm thankful for all of his hardwork, I think means more to him then I really will ever understand, but I'm glad I can help! because after all that was what I was made for!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Name for an Unknown

So many emotions running around this week..I was glad yesterday was wordless Wednesday! Today...well, it wasn't perfect but what day is!?!? Right. Keeping my chin up, focuing on the blurry images ahead that could be my future and I will write about one today...don't you feel special? haha Completely I have been really wanting a puppy lately. I think all the wanting a baby feelings have been turned into wanting a puppy....
Is he not the most adorable thing EVER!?!?!

And after he's all grown up...

It's a blue great dane...I want one. They are so handsome, are great with kids and other pets, and just love being loved. I even read that they are okay in apartments as long as you take them for walks. =] Who knows when we will actually get one...but I love the dream.

I think the most fun part of it all is thinking of names for him or are some of my ideas so far: Duke, Fletcher, Romeo, Jasper...
it made me wonder what were some names of other people's pets...I already have two cats, Crosby and Mowgali, how about you?

Can't wait to hear from you! Enjoy the rest of you Thursday!

p.s. how do you like my new signature?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet Restoration

This will be short for right now, I had inventory at 4am this morning and could not get myself to fall asleep last night and therefore have been up since noon yesterday! =] Very exciting!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the relationship with my parents is surely better, we talked from noon till 6pm about a TON of stuff, getting it sorted, explained and understood and all that jazz. It was very good, it also included my brother, it ended with dinner and a board game. I'm very thankful for God and His grace and for jsut being present there today with us...I might write more about it later but right now I'm just sleepy and happy.
Me and my family on my birthday. =]

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogger Addict, My Place

I'm sitting at my computer here, dieing to blog, about something anything, and oh the various topics come to mind, an inspiring song I sang in the shower this morning, the long conversation I had with my hubby last night, the movie we watched afterwards, I hear awesome lyrics, see the message written on the bathroom mirror for me to find and instantly blogging comes to mind...I've become addicted! HELP! or really don't because I love it. I've been reading so many blogs though and everyone has something special about theirs, some have tons of recipes Oh yummy! Some feel like I'm reading an interesting novel, Some are filled with beautiful pictures of children, pets, houses, decorating ideas...some comedic some just everday language some eloquent and I find myself thinking what should mine be like? What do I want people to feel when they read my blog, what feeling will they carry away, then there is uneeded pressure. I want to be real...I don't want to sit here changing all my words to be different sizes so it's more alluring. But I want to drag people in, so that they keep coming back...and then there will be interaction which is why I decided to blog. Interaction with a group of new people. A fresh's quite invigorating!

So do I lay out my complaints of the day, my woes of yesterday, my hopes for my many tomorrows? Well maybe I could do a lit bit of both...I'm reminded of the scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when the one woman is talking about her articles she's writing and she says something about like foot fungus or something gross along those lines and than says "but it's surprisingly upbeat!" it makes me laugh...I will write a little bit about my woes but will try to make it "surprisingly upbeat!" for you. haha

Have you ever worked really hard on something to give away? You are so beyond excited, and the reaction you get is completely NOT what you were expecting...the use of the gift, no where near what was envisioned? Probably the same way my family felt last year when they gave me a keyboard, I thought for sure I would be able to pick it up faster than I sat there collecting dust haunting me, yelling at me what an undisciplined person I's got better though the dust has been cleaned off and me and the hubby actually played a song at the same time, me on keyboard him on guitar both was such a lovely moment. One of those ones where your soul just finds rest. ::happy sigh:: lovely! Anyway, as of right now I'm feeling a bit let down by the response of a gift and am getting over it...I mean it's theirs to do with it as they want and maybe next year it will be better for them than this year, who knows. I enjoyed working on it and that's what I'll focus on. =] [surprisingly upbeat right?, good]

Okay onto woes of my of right now my husband and I are not on speaking terms with my parents. It really bums me out, b/c I have always had a great relationship with my parents. ALWAYS, those awful years where teenagers hate their parents, yeah I don't ever really remember having those "years" days where I didn't like them very much but not years. I usually talk to my mom twice a day on the phone and haven't spoke to her in a month now. I need prayer, I need some Holy Spirit intervention, I need healing and restoration in this relationship, b/c I can't just cut it off, although that is what my broken heart's instincts are. There must be a better way to respond to feeling rejected and actually being rejected, it doesn't matter which it is, there must be a graceful way to deal with such situations. Prayer is much appreciated...and I know in my heart it will all work out, I just need to learn and grow some more, those times are always exciting aren't they? lol At least I AM growing and not just standing still...I thank God for that.

The rest of the stuff, I might save another post as this is getting quite lengthy...haha but I will leave you some pics!
Me with my beautiful Coffee Cup this morning,
My awesome slippers that keep my constantly cold feet warm,
Happy Monday everyone! Have a GREAT week! =]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Keeping Hope

Today I was investigating...I love doing all kinds of research abou things that we are interested in doing some of them, will stay dreams but it's fun to think about doing them!

I never want to lose that part of me, the part of me that says yeah it might not happen but it COULD! I love having a childlike excitement for the future.

My husband bought me a book Mocha With Max a few years ago for Valentine's Day I love Max Lucado, he is a gifted writer and in this book he talked about tucking his little girls in for the night and one of them looking into his eyes and saying "I'm so excited for tomorrow!" If only I ad that, I sometimes have anxiety about the days to come, but I long to have that excitement for whatever adventure God has in store for me tomorrow! I am however very excited about long term goals so I will rejoice in that hope and work on my daily hope.

So for the upcoming year...

For Valentine's Day we are thinking about going on a Airboat Ride through Boggy Creek [everglades] It's something that can be done in Florida and not wherever we move so that is exciting and you usually see Alligators! how fun!

For the summer...I looked into getting us some cowboy boots and how much rodeo tickets are. The rodeo is pretty inexpensive, the boots are not...but it's exciting to maybe have a new hobby!

I looked into adopting animals at a zoo! How fun would that be...or naming a star.

Lately I've been wanting to go away to a cabin with Nathan in the's been taking up a lot of my thoughts, so I looked into renting cabins over Christmas for this coming year, since it's our year to have by ourselves...we thought it might be fun to go somewhere snowy and isolated!

I also would LOVE to go to Seattle this year, I have a fascination with Washington all the rain and I'm hoping to plan a trip for when the movie New Moon comes out...opening night...yeah that would be so much fun! Being on a trip 1st of all and seeing a new movie in the state it's based in. =]

Those are a handful of hopefuls for the upcoming's fun to dream. =] Everything is based on God and His plan and provision so we shall see!

So anyway, played the keyboard a bit today. Showered and washed our couch cover. The rest of the night will be filled with some frozen pizza [not frozen anymore haha] and a movie or two waiting for my honey to get home from work.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekends.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Infamous Questionnaire

1. Where did you meet? At Christ for the Nations, Sept 3rd [Sunday] at lunch, he came and sat by me.

2. How long did you date b/f you were married? 9 months and we were engaged 6 and a half of those months.

3. What does he do that surprises you? He leaves me notes that say SHMILY [See How Much I Love You] and something he loves about me...which is linked to how he proposed.

4. What is your favorite quality of his? He is passionate.

5. What is your favorite feature of his? His hands that mine fit so perfectly in and his eyes that I can just get lost in.

6. Does he have a nickname for you? We both call each other lover, but he also calls me babe and buckethead.

7. What is his favorite food? He loves club sandwiches, and pretty much anything with hot sauce. =] lol

8. What is his favorite sport? He sincerely loves hockey, he wants so badly to join a league, he used to play and coach even and he loves to watch we are from Michigan and well let's just say last year when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup I had a very happy husband! =]

9. When and where was your first kiss? It was October 2006 at Nate's sister's house. We had flown to Michigan for a wedding and for me to meet his family.

10. What do you like to do together? Right now we love going to the movies or just watching them at home, and playing board games. We are planning though a few camping trips for the upcoming year...and as soon as we get in careers and have a little more steady income we want to be outdoors people, hiking canoeing, camping, the whole bit nothing better than God's beauty and the person He made just for you.

11. Do you have any children? No, not yet, and Lord willing not for a while.

12. Does he have a hidden talent? He plays guitar, I think very well, he doesn't think he's that great...but he's just modest. =]

13. Who said "I love you" first? Nathan did, he wrote me a letter when we were friends he said he couldn't not tell me how he was very romantic he left it on my door with a rose.

14. What is his favorite type of music? Rock, Christian Rock

15. What do you admire most about him? He is truly a tender warrior, kind and gentle and yet strong and a great leader. I love that he's open to changing and simply wants to be the man that God wants him to be, and he is so supportive of me as I struggle along figuring out how to be the woman God made me to be.

16. Do you think he will read this? Probably. =]

My Husband Rocks, even when the Pink Panther drinks Pepto Bismol

Happy Friday! This is my first MHR blog and I'm so pumped! So as I told you before I think, I started taking an anti-depressant this week again after about two years off of them, maybe even longer. The one I was on before totally didn't let me sleep, so she put me on one I have never been on before. Well my body hasn't decided whether it likes it or not, and out of nowhere yesterday I was getting really upset about the silliest things. Here is an example:

Nathan and I are driving to his doctor appointment, and this pink truck passes us. Nathan points it out and says he's seen it on I-Drive before and thought I would look so cool driving it. I in turn tell him I would never drive such a hideous vehicle, it looks like the Pink Panter drank too much Pepto Bismol and that's the color it turned him. Nathan completely didn't understand what I said, he heard the Pepto Bismol part and said IT'S NOT PEPTO BISMOL that's what I liked about it! It's brighter. Now I'm for some reason flaming mad at him, for thinking I would like this truck which I most certainly do NOT and that he isn't listening to me, b/c I didn't say it was Pepto color I said PINK PANTHER DRANK PEPTO! There is for some reason a HUGE difference you see.

Anyway, a few situations like this one through the day and a hubby still give me sweet kisses at the end of the night loving me through my process of adjusting to new medicine, is one reason why Husband Rocks!

The other is he took me to a concert last night even though he had to get up early for work, this morning what a hard working hunny I have I truly appreciate all of his hard work!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh yes, I almost forgot, I did finish Captivating. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN should read that book. It really is amazing, and can be life changing if you allow it to. =]

Today I started reading Praise Habit by David Crowder I've been a fan of his music for many years now, and bought this book when I first got to CFNI. I love how you can have books for what seems like forever even begin them several times, but you don't get through them until it's time for you to. So this is attempt three with this book. As of right now I can't put it down.

I'll let you know how it goes.

This Week So Far

Today it's rainy outside and chilly, my favorite kind of day! =] I know I'm weird.

Monday Night was awesome we received a late Christmas card with a little money in it so we went to Sweet Tomatoes! and of course had ourselves a little phot shoot to send the person with our thank you card. Here our a couple of them for you enjoyment...oh wait it won't load...that's a bummer okay some other time.

Yesterday was work day, it went my fast. Had a chat with my brother, and had to fight not getting down. He is moving in with my parents in a couple of days, and talking about moving to Dallas. Weird how that works, him always somehow moving where we intend to. I'm not complaining, I just wish we were closer, but maybe that will come when we are in Dallas together. Who knows! I'm trying to be positive. My dad is still on the mend from bronchitus I heard, and my cousin Josh and his fiance are in town and called him to hang out today. It's just so hard sometimes not feeling out of the loop. But that is the path we have chosen for now, being on our own, figuring out us, what we need to change and get situated, without much help from the outside. Not in a let me do it my own way, just a "push the bord out of the nest and you fly or die kind of way" it needs to happen sometime in your life that speration, and eventually you reconnect and your relationship is richer and better. I'm believing for that, and I'm able to believe that wholeheartedly because I honestly don't feel upset, angry or bitter about the situation at all really. Which suprised me, in a happy way.

Anyway in other news, my body would not permit my appointment I had scheduled this morning so it has been rescheduled for February 19th ::sigh:: It's okay, I'll get there.

Nathan and I have been needing our phones replaces, b/c of sucky batteries and Nathan having washed his and using an old flip phone that doesn't always click close, so it dies VERY quickly. YUCK! So we ordered new phones yesterday on the phone, b/c they were having an awesome deal for the ones we wanted. Merry Christmas to us, since we had planned to get them originally as Christmas presents but that didn't work out so, now it does and we got them in the mail today! They are our new toys and we love them!

We also paid up our internet bill and a medical bill, so bills are getting caught up which is getting us to that goal of being debt free by the end of the year! YAY God is so good!

The daily devotion thing is good, not great but like I was telling Nathan I wanted to keep doing it simply to get us used to doing devotions together and get into the habit, they say 21 days of doing something will make it a habit so I'm thinking 40 days will surely do the trick! =]

This year is really starting out nicely and I'm so thankful for vision, and determination to make our goals happen!

Talk to you again, soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goals being accomplished

So goal #1 tackled memorize at least a Bible verse a month.
I had already memorized one in 3 days and it was kind of long, so I'm thinking of upping it to 1 a week. First one memorized is 1 Peter 1:22, yeah pretty awesome! I just wanted my goals to be realistic enough to actually accomplish them this year. Yay for one!

Goal #2 have quiet time at least 4 times a week.
I have had quiet every day this year, so far. I also found an awesome decotional thing from when Nathan and I were going to Gateway, it has a verse and devotional for every day for 40 days, It also has a cd in the back that has a song and I think it says the verse of that day as well. So I'm planning on going through that. It's quite exciting.

Goal #3 read more, at least one book a month.
I am almost finished with Captivating. One more chapter that I'm finishing today. Very exciting. It really helps me feel like I can be the woman that I know is inside of me. It is such an encouragement. I'm also learning a lot about myself, I need to be more gentle, and alluring, instead of so tough and strong, but I also need to have strength in me to rise to the occasion, and stop making excuses for things not getting done. The author also struggled or struggles with depression which was encouraging to read, she went and got counseling, ending up on anit depressants and took spiritual authority over it. I think it also helped Nathan with the fact that I have a perscription for anit depressants and that it really is okay to take them. He has always struggled with the idea of me taking them. I'm excited because when I was on them before, I felt like other people could see the person I always felt I was. So as soon as everything gets caught up this week, I get to get my perscription filled. Which will be the start of another goal, and that is I want to take my medicine for a whole year, no excuses. I always somehow make it less important when it comes to having something cut in the budget and I want it to be a priority this year.

I also have a doctor appointment this week, on Wednesday. Just a regular check up. I haven't been able to get my ultrasound with all the insurance stuff, and a little bit of fear on my part hasn't had me pushing to get it done, but I am planning on going soon. Nathan is going to being going to the doctor as well. He has been having issues with his shoulder, and hand, two of his fingers are constantly tingley. He is also planning on getting his ears and eyes checked out, insurance is a beautiful thing. We are also researching dentists, so I might be able to get my teeth fixed and straightened! =] God is so good.

Goal #4 was to go to more concerts.
A guy from my work just asked me to listen to his band and they were really good, they have a show this Thursday for only $5 a person, so Nathan and I are going to try and make it out there since neither of us have to work. I love that scene, small venues and concerts, it's at a place that we have heard of and have been wanting to go, so that is exciting. This year we wanted to DO more stuff together other than movies and board games, which are awesome! But we want to do stuff that is a lot easier to do without kids. Enjoy and live life to the fullest enjoy each other while we can give most of our attention to one another. =]

I also am going tomorrow to apply for a job at the movie theater right down the street. I needed a second job, nothing too serious, and figured I had worked at one before it's super easy, not much money, but free movies, so it would not only give us a little extra money, but also give us free entertainment! because as everyone knows we are movie freaks. =] lol

Oh one more last goal...

Goal #5 Get a dog, or prepare for getting one next year.
We have been doing a tiny bit of research and think we are either going to get a Silver Lab or a Great Dane [I like the blue ones and Nathan likes the yellowish/gold ones] So that is exciting to kind of narrow it down a bit. Of course we could change our minds, but we want a dog, after watching Marley and Me on Christmas, it sold me, Nathan has always wanted a dog. It was kind of the final thing, with waiting to have kids. We will get a dog to take care of first, there is more, but I'll write about it later.

So here is to a great start, now I just have to keep it up, but I feel really determined, b/c the goals I have aren't based on anything except me. Make time. That's all I have to do, and I can do that no matter how much money is in the bank account or if I have a car and so I'm encouraged, and excited to be doing "stuff".

Be blessed folks.

*The goals I wrote about today are not in the order that they are on the original list they are just randomly chosen.