Monday, January 5, 2009

Goals being accomplished

So goal #1 tackled memorize at least a Bible verse a month.
I had already memorized one in 3 days and it was kind of long, so I'm thinking of upping it to 1 a week. First one memorized is 1 Peter 1:22, yeah pretty awesome! I just wanted my goals to be realistic enough to actually accomplish them this year. Yay for one!

Goal #2 have quiet time at least 4 times a week.
I have had quiet every day this year, so far. I also found an awesome decotional thing from when Nathan and I were going to Gateway, it has a verse and devotional for every day for 40 days, It also has a cd in the back that has a song and I think it says the verse of that day as well. So I'm planning on going through that. It's quite exciting.

Goal #3 read more, at least one book a month.
I am almost finished with Captivating. One more chapter that I'm finishing today. Very exciting. It really helps me feel like I can be the woman that I know is inside of me. It is such an encouragement. I'm also learning a lot about myself, I need to be more gentle, and alluring, instead of so tough and strong, but I also need to have strength in me to rise to the occasion, and stop making excuses for things not getting done. The author also struggled or struggles with depression which was encouraging to read, she went and got counseling, ending up on anit depressants and took spiritual authority over it. I think it also helped Nathan with the fact that I have a perscription for anit depressants and that it really is okay to take them. He has always struggled with the idea of me taking them. I'm excited because when I was on them before, I felt like other people could see the person I always felt I was. So as soon as everything gets caught up this week, I get to get my perscription filled. Which will be the start of another goal, and that is I want to take my medicine for a whole year, no excuses. I always somehow make it less important when it comes to having something cut in the budget and I want it to be a priority this year.

I also have a doctor appointment this week, on Wednesday. Just a regular check up. I haven't been able to get my ultrasound with all the insurance stuff, and a little bit of fear on my part hasn't had me pushing to get it done, but I am planning on going soon. Nathan is going to being going to the doctor as well. He has been having issues with his shoulder, and hand, two of his fingers are constantly tingley. He is also planning on getting his ears and eyes checked out, insurance is a beautiful thing. We are also researching dentists, so I might be able to get my teeth fixed and straightened! =] God is so good.

Goal #4 was to go to more concerts.
A guy from my work just asked me to listen to his band and they were really good, they have a show this Thursday for only $5 a person, so Nathan and I are going to try and make it out there since neither of us have to work. I love that scene, small venues and concerts, it's at a place that we have heard of and have been wanting to go, so that is exciting. This year we wanted to DO more stuff together other than movies and board games, which are awesome! But we want to do stuff that is a lot easier to do without kids. Enjoy and live life to the fullest enjoy each other while we can give most of our attention to one another. =]

I also am going tomorrow to apply for a job at the movie theater right down the street. I needed a second job, nothing too serious, and figured I had worked at one before it's super easy, not much money, but free movies, so it would not only give us a little extra money, but also give us free entertainment! because as everyone knows we are movie freaks. =] lol

Oh one more last goal...

Goal #5 Get a dog, or prepare for getting one next year.
We have been doing a tiny bit of research and think we are either going to get a Silver Lab or a Great Dane [I like the blue ones and Nathan likes the yellowish/gold ones] So that is exciting to kind of narrow it down a bit. Of course we could change our minds, but we want a dog, after watching Marley and Me on Christmas, it sold me, Nathan has always wanted a dog. It was kind of the final thing, with waiting to have kids. We will get a dog to take care of first, there is more, but I'll write about it later.

So here is to a great start, now I just have to keep it up, but I feel really determined, b/c the goals I have aren't based on anything except me. Make time. That's all I have to do, and I can do that no matter how much money is in the bank account or if I have a car and so I'm encouraged, and excited to be doing "stuff".

Be blessed folks.

*The goals I wrote about today are not in the order that they are on the original list they are just randomly chosen.


Leah said...

Great goals for the year!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

mom said...

Good job!!
love you

Peggy said...

Awesome goals!
My husband struggles with me taking anti depressants too, yet he notices a scary change in me if I go a few days without. (I am so forgetful!)It is all good. Modern medicine - it works to keep us stable, so why not?
I just LOVE your musical interests BTW - I have a lot of your groups in my ipod.

Thx for stopping by my blog!