Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Week So Far

Today it's rainy outside and chilly, my favorite kind of day! =] I know I'm weird.

Monday Night was awesome we received a late Christmas card with a little money in it so we went to Sweet Tomatoes! and of course had ourselves a little phot shoot to send the person with our thank you card. Here our a couple of them for you enjoyment...oh wait it won't load...that's a bummer okay some other time.

Yesterday was work day, it went my fast. Had a chat with my brother, and had to fight not getting down. He is moving in with my parents in a couple of days, and talking about moving to Dallas. Weird how that works, him always somehow moving where we intend to. I'm not complaining, I just wish we were closer, but maybe that will come when we are in Dallas together. Who knows! I'm trying to be positive. My dad is still on the mend from bronchitus I heard, and my cousin Josh and his fiance are in town and called him to hang out today. It's just so hard sometimes not feeling out of the loop. But that is the path we have chosen for now, being on our own, figuring out us, what we need to change and get situated, without much help from the outside. Not in a let me do it my own way, just a "push the bord out of the nest and you fly or die kind of way" it needs to happen sometime in your life that speration, and eventually you reconnect and your relationship is richer and better. I'm believing for that, and I'm able to believe that wholeheartedly because I honestly don't feel upset, angry or bitter about the situation at all really. Which suprised me, in a happy way.

Anyway in other news, my body would not permit my appointment I had scheduled this morning so it has been rescheduled for February 19th ::sigh:: It's okay, I'll get there.

Nathan and I have been needing our phones replaces, b/c of sucky batteries and Nathan having washed his and using an old flip phone that doesn't always click close, so it dies VERY quickly. YUCK! So we ordered new phones yesterday on the phone, b/c they were having an awesome deal for the ones we wanted. Merry Christmas to us, since we had planned to get them originally as Christmas presents but that didn't work out so, now it does and we got them in the mail today! They are our new toys and we love them!

We also paid up our internet bill and a medical bill, so bills are getting caught up which is getting us to that goal of being debt free by the end of the year! YAY God is so good!

The daily devotion thing is good, not great but like I was telling Nathan I wanted to keep doing it simply to get us used to doing devotions together and get into the habit, they say 21 days of doing something will make it a habit so I'm thinking 40 days will surely do the trick! =]

This year is really starting out nicely and I'm so thankful for vision, and determination to make our goals happen!

Talk to you again, soon!

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