Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogger Addict, My Place

I'm sitting at my computer here, dieing to blog, about something anything, and oh the various topics come to mind, an inspiring song I sang in the shower this morning, the long conversation I had with my hubby last night, the movie we watched afterwards, I hear awesome lyrics, see the message written on the bathroom mirror for me to find and instantly blogging comes to mind...I've become addicted! HELP! or really don't because I love it. I've been reading so many blogs though and everyone has something special about theirs, some have tons of recipes Oh yummy! Some feel like I'm reading an interesting novel, Some are filled with beautiful pictures of children, pets, houses, decorating ideas...some comedic some just everday language some eloquent and I find myself thinking what should mine be like? What do I want people to feel when they read my blog, what feeling will they carry away, then there is uneeded pressure. I want to be real...I don't want to sit here changing all my words to be different sizes so it's more alluring. But I want to drag people in, so that they keep coming back...and then there will be interaction which is why I decided to blog. Interaction with a group of new people. A fresh's quite invigorating!

So do I lay out my complaints of the day, my woes of yesterday, my hopes for my many tomorrows? Well maybe I could do a lit bit of both...I'm reminded of the scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when the one woman is talking about her articles she's writing and she says something about like foot fungus or something gross along those lines and than says "but it's surprisingly upbeat!" it makes me laugh...I will write a little bit about my woes but will try to make it "surprisingly upbeat!" for you. haha

Have you ever worked really hard on something to give away? You are so beyond excited, and the reaction you get is completely NOT what you were expecting...the use of the gift, no where near what was envisioned? Probably the same way my family felt last year when they gave me a keyboard, I thought for sure I would be able to pick it up faster than I sat there collecting dust haunting me, yelling at me what an undisciplined person I's got better though the dust has been cleaned off and me and the hubby actually played a song at the same time, me on keyboard him on guitar both was such a lovely moment. One of those ones where your soul just finds rest. ::happy sigh:: lovely! Anyway, as of right now I'm feeling a bit let down by the response of a gift and am getting over it...I mean it's theirs to do with it as they want and maybe next year it will be better for them than this year, who knows. I enjoyed working on it and that's what I'll focus on. =] [surprisingly upbeat right?, good]

Okay onto woes of my of right now my husband and I are not on speaking terms with my parents. It really bums me out, b/c I have always had a great relationship with my parents. ALWAYS, those awful years where teenagers hate their parents, yeah I don't ever really remember having those "years" days where I didn't like them very much but not years. I usually talk to my mom twice a day on the phone and haven't spoke to her in a month now. I need prayer, I need some Holy Spirit intervention, I need healing and restoration in this relationship, b/c I can't just cut it off, although that is what my broken heart's instincts are. There must be a better way to respond to feeling rejected and actually being rejected, it doesn't matter which it is, there must be a graceful way to deal with such situations. Prayer is much appreciated...and I know in my heart it will all work out, I just need to learn and grow some more, those times are always exciting aren't they? lol At least I AM growing and not just standing still...I thank God for that.

The rest of the stuff, I might save another post as this is getting quite lengthy...haha but I will leave you some pics!
Me with my beautiful Coffee Cup this morning,
My awesome slippers that keep my constantly cold feet warm,
Happy Monday everyone! Have a GREAT week! =]


Anonymous said...

This is how you 'draw people in'...being yourself and being real and simply typing whatever is on your mind! I love the way your write, it's as if we are talking to each other and have known each other for years.

Anonymous said...

I went a year and half not talking to my parents, or any of my family. It was a rough road, but I needed it for my personal growth because my parents weren't listening to me. I've now let them back into my life, but at an arm's length. We will never be best friends because they don't believe me and fail to recognize "Me for Me"...hence my poem I posted today.

You need to do what is healthy for you in your life. I know it's hard and it hurts. But I just came to a point where I couldn't live a lie anymore. Of course I don't know your I can't give you full advice ;)

PPS not appreciated. I spend a lot of time making ppl homemade gifts on top of what I buy them for Christmas and Birthdays and my friends love the stuff (scarves, scrapbooks, etc), but my in-laws always have a negative thing to say about everything and I thought, why the heck am I wasting my time? So no more homemade gifts for them! Although I'm still making my niece scrapbooks. I can't punish her for her parents not being appreciative. Maybe someday she'll appreciate that her milestones in life were put into a scrapbook.

Okay, sorry I just rambled....

Peggy said...

Are you actually awake now? Oh wait - you are in a diff time zone:) (you just commented on my blog and its after 3 am here LOL)

You have the Blogger Bug!! Me too! I LOVE blogging. I love your blog!! Keep it real - absolutely! I enjoy your posts. You are a natural writer:) Blogs are virtual diaries, and how cool is it that people will share their diaries?

My prayers are with you girl! Please do try to break the silence with your parents. Try to resolve whatever it is, or push it aside and focus on new things. Family is important!

I am drinking a big ol cup of coffee right now. Cute slippers!
Hey - are you on facebook?? Almost as addicting as Blogger!

Peggy said...

Me again! I made a mistake - you are NOT in a diff time zone, you really are up really really late! Can't sleep?

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Yep...just be yourself! It is your blog so do what ya wanna! Thanks for coming by and saying hi! You will find your niche soon don't can be addicting though visiting everyone. cherry

Eudea-Mamia said...

I find your blog inspiring.

How you cherish your husband - it reminds me of my newlywed days. It also reminds me that 13 years and two kiddos later, I need to do a little tending.

Thanks for that!!

Love your new signature.

Anonymous said...

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