Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks on Saturday this

So my husband rocks, I had such a busy day yesterday I didn't get to write about it though! So here it is Saturday and I have some time.

First off let me tell you about my day b/c the reason my husband rocks this week is b/c of last night. So my beautiful Brandi is getting married in June and I'm going to be in her wedding! =] We went yesterday to try on dresses, b/c we get to each pick our own they just are all going to be the same color. It was SO much fun. My mom drove up and hung out with me in the afternoon, I got a haircut, and bought a pair of jeans for only $15 oh yeah! and then we went to David's Bridal for dress shopping...
All of us after we were done. Noel, Me, Tina, Brandi [the bride], Melissa, and Nikki
This is Me and the bride...I'm wearing the dress I chose! [it has pockets! and won't be navy]
Yeah we had a blast we were all laughing SOOO hard! Then we went over to Melissa's house and hung out for bit while we were waiting for Nate to get out of work.
After Nate got out of work, I went to my very first party! I went b/c a girl at work that I get along with very well is moving and it was a going away party. It was a LOT of fun, probably too much fun. The subject of drinking is so controversial to me, I have so many feelings and emotions, especially with wanting to go into ministry, it just makes everything that much more complicated. So I'm praying a lot about it, b/c it's so important to me to believe what I believe b/c I believe it not b/c other people have told me this is it. It's just that the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, and I want to make sure I get the same thing out of what the Bible says about drinking that everyone else has. Many people have many different opinions, some people you should stay away all together, some people think you can drink as long as you don't get drunk, some people think you can drink and even get drunk but not as a lifestyle such as being a drunkard. I'm curious only b/c there are stories in the Bible where people that we strive to be like or look up to were indeed drunk...what does that mean. So as of this moment, I don't know where I fall, but last night I drank too much, yep. It was a lot of fun at first, I wasn't nervous anymore, everyone thought I was hilarious, Nathan was there not drinking so he could drive me home, I talked with SO many people about God it was really weird how He comes up in my conversations so much. It was really cool to hear what other people thought, and why they did. I even explained to them my confusion about whether or not drinking was wrong, it was a lot of fun, but for those of you who do drink...they say you are supposed to drink "liquor before beer and you are in the clear", "beer before liquor will make you sicker" well I never puke EVER. Not even when I'm sick and feel like I could just puke I would feel SO much better. Yeah never. Last night my dear dear husband is driving me home, at I think it was 4:30 am [we didn't get there till after midnite] and I say to him, I think I have to puke, he says do you need me to pull over, I say no I'm fine and like 3 minutes later out of nowhere I got sick. Oh it was awful. Nathan pulled the car over took care of me, carried me up some stairs helped me up the others and got me into bed. He took care of me so well, brought me home some Tylenol after he went to work at 9am and left me a card telling me he missed me and would see me soon. So that is why my husband rocks this week. Whether you think drinking/getting drunk is wrong or not my husband deserves credit for taking care of me through it all, he even talked to people about God as well...they all thought he was super cool, he said he had never really experienced being around people that aren't saved and being cool even though he's a Christian so it was really cool for him. I'm just glad I got to go and say good bye to my friend, and I got home safely.
Me and Dina

As for my drinking decision...well let's just say I'm leaning towards the not getting drunk side of the road, but either way. I'm glad that getting drunk is NOT something I do on a regular basis, the next day isn't as fun. to say the least.

Thanks for walking along with me and listening to me sort through my stuff. Learning things myself sometimes is so much more beneficial b/c I actually "get it" in my head.

Love to you all.


Yaya said...

Pockets on a bridesmaids dress??! That rocks!!!!!

Now if it's big enough to hold a flask that will be double beneficial! Lol!

Sarah said...

Totally is big enough for a flask...very appropriate

You crack me up!

mom said...

you made me think of that song in wedding singer that he writes for her - I wanna grow old with you
:o) I'm very happy that my son loves you so good.
love you