Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old Friends

It so amazing how things all intertwine. Nathan took me to see Bride Wars on Sunday, so funny! I love both those gals so I was bound to be a fan...I left the theater though feeling a tad bit down. Because I have wanted a friendship like theirs for the longest time...it's a very sore spot. Many people find that their husbands are their best friend and they don't need another one, and so I suppose I thought that Nate would be "enough" and that longing would go away, but it never did. In reading Captivating [haha] I was validated in desiring that friendship...girl friends are important to a woman, a friendship with a woman is so different and offers something different than your relationship with your husband, and even a friendship with a guy it's just completely different. My husband fullfills all the needs he is meant to fill, but he can not fill that need for a good girl friend, because he's not supposed to.

Well, anyway on facebook [I'm so addicted] some people from my middleschool started a group on there for alumni. It's so fun to see all these people from middleschool! See I was popular in middle school, not in high school, no no not in high school, I had a handful of "friends" but no one that actual ever liked me for me, I only keep in touch with one person from highschool, that I can think of at the moment and she was my friend in middle school first! So anyway, we have all been catching up and posting pictures...it's been very nice.

It reminds me of old friends that I miss, guys that would have been amazing friends still had we not dated...that sucks. Wishing you could go back and just stay friends, never taking that next step. Although I learned so much from those relationships and experiences, I can't help but miss their friendship some days...if only things could be different and we could overcome the awfulness of breakups, and be friends again, maybe just maybe you never know. I'm glad that my husband is cool with it, if it ever does in fact happen, but for now I just am thankful for the time we did have.

I wonder if anyone understands...

Write more later,


Yaya said...

Yes, I understand. There is nothing like a great girlfriend to have in life. I've never had a 'ton' of friends, but have always been friendly to everyone while I kept the rare few as 'best friends'. Friendships have changed now that I'm older and married. But I still need that girlfriend that I can call about anything.

Hope you find your peace with this!

Yaya said...

PS Thank you for interpreting my dream for me!