Friday, January 9, 2009

My Husband Rocks, even when the Pink Panther drinks Pepto Bismol

Happy Friday! This is my first MHR blog and I'm so pumped! So as I told you before I think, I started taking an anti-depressant this week again after about two years off of them, maybe even longer. The one I was on before totally didn't let me sleep, so she put me on one I have never been on before. Well my body hasn't decided whether it likes it or not, and out of nowhere yesterday I was getting really upset about the silliest things. Here is an example:

Nathan and I are driving to his doctor appointment, and this pink truck passes us. Nathan points it out and says he's seen it on I-Drive before and thought I would look so cool driving it. I in turn tell him I would never drive such a hideous vehicle, it looks like the Pink Panter drank too much Pepto Bismol and that's the color it turned him. Nathan completely didn't understand what I said, he heard the Pepto Bismol part and said IT'S NOT PEPTO BISMOL that's what I liked about it! It's brighter. Now I'm for some reason flaming mad at him, for thinking I would like this truck which I most certainly do NOT and that he isn't listening to me, b/c I didn't say it was Pepto color I said PINK PANTHER DRANK PEPTO! There is for some reason a HUGE difference you see.

Anyway, a few situations like this one through the day and a hubby still give me sweet kisses at the end of the night loving me through my process of adjusting to new medicine, is one reason why Husband Rocks!

The other is he took me to a concert last night even though he had to get up early for work, this morning what a hard working hunny I have I truly appreciate all of his hard work!

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Peggy said...

YAY! I love MHR and you certainly have some great positive stuff to say about your sweet hubby:)
That was a pretty funny pink pepto drinking pink panther story:)
Who did you see in concert? You two look so adorable!