Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Grandmas

I stole a few minutes to blog on my rents comp to ask you guys to pray for our grandmas. It seems that everytime we get a call letting us know that Nate's grandma is in the hospital, without fail a few days later we get a call that mine is as well.

So last week was no different, Saturday we were contacted that Nathan's grandma had gotten up to fast from picking something up, got dizzy and ended up falling over in a crazy amount of pain she was then taken to the hospital. Praise God nothing was broken, but she has a lot of bruising and said that something new aches every day, so please keep her in your prayers, for healing of her back and whole body.

A few days later, my Grandma was at a doc appointment and was told that she did not have enough blood in her and needed a transfusion. 2 units of blood later she started having chest pain and was kept overnight to be monitored. The next day they released her, however she needs a miracle because the last time she was in the hospital we found out that her pacemaker is doing ALL the work and the one she has is not meant to work as hard as it is, they gave her new meds to try to make her heart work on its own...anyway she needs complete resoration of her heart.

Anyway if you could keep both these ladies lifted up, their names are Ann and Shirley. I know God is faithful to answer the prayers of His people, especially when two or more gather together, so thank you for joining with me, and hopefully I will be back in blogland real soon. =]