Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catch Up

So where have I been!?!? Well we haven't and still don't have internet but I made some time today to catch up so I won't be extremely behind when we finally do get back online.

We went to the New Moon midnight showing because my husband is amazing and we've been looking forward to it since last year....we LOVED it. =]

Then our church did an event called Table in the Wilderness, they provided 1,000 turkeys and boxes of food to the community. This is us after we helped bag the turkeys and I walked them out to their cars while Nate kept everything stocked up to distribute we prayed with people, it was an AMAZING event. In this picture we are headed to lunch between that event and decorating the church for Christmas with a handful of other people from choir. I tell you about this because I would encourage EVERYONE to take an afternoon and find a way to help those you blessed others, it blesses you, and it blesses God you can't beat that! Also I know that for us being part of a bigger church it was an awesome opportunity to serve with our church family and make new relationships while strengthening the ones we already had! I love being connected, it's refreshing and reviving to our spirits and attitudes. =]

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a visit from Ryan and Katie [I finally snagged a cute pic of them] it was so nice chatting and getting closer. They are expecting their second child in July and we are so excited for them!

This is Nate with Gracie she is such a cutie pie. She kept bringing me my coasters one by one and then took some time to crawl under the coffee table over and over again, and we had a giggle bash right before they left...we were all just laughing and fun, she is a blessing to us.

Nate and I Thanksgiving day morning. Me and my Mum did all the prep work the day before so all I had to do was my I was busy but not overwhelmed and it was nice. =] We had a ton off food, experienced our first Thanksgiving without my brother, talked with family on the phone, watched Miracle on 34th Street and even got all our Christmas decorating done by the end of the night [except for outside lights] We are so thankful for so much, I love having a day dedicated to just being thankful.

We also had our friends Otto and Michelle over later on and we chatted then taught them how to play Settlers of Catan, which Michelle won and Otto LOVED at church on Sunday he was telling us all about how many versions and extensions of the game he found we had fun. =]

Here we are trimming the tree. Ready for the Christmas season, a new perspective, and the end of a rough year. I praise God for sustaining us, for His patience, for His love, for my husband, my family and for a fresh new year around the corner!

I pray that you all are finding the joy in the this season, are counting your blessings and realizing they are many and are finding rest in God's arms that are filled with love and peace.
Blessings to your family - Merry Christmas