Friday, February 27, 2009

My Husband Rocks, even when we are apart.

Today I was having an I miss my husband day...those always suck. You feel crummy unproductive and maybe even a little weepy. That was my day today...Nate has been texting me all day...encouraging me and trying to cheer me up, then he calls me in between his shifts and says I sent you something that should help you feel a little better. I was like oh yeah? What is it?Well he did tell me...and he had called the chinese place that I love so much and order me some lunch/dinner and had them deliver it to me! Is he not the sweetest!?!?! It's the simple things like that, that are what really show me the love. Just his texts alone were uplifting...but adding that extra something special, well it was beyond words and that is why my husband rocks this week! He has been busting his butt, to show me how much he cares, and I can see it paying off, slowly but surely we are getting there, and that makes my heart happy! =]

Also the fact that I got on the scale today, and have lost 8lbs...yeah that helped brighten my day as well. God is sooo good!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to the Future Excitement

Today was great! I slept half of it away...must have needed it. I went to bed with a throbbing headache and woke up at 1pm feeling MUCH better. Sometimes sleep is all you need, and I'd rather that then getting sick for a week, especially since a week from yesterday my friend will be here! I'm soooo pumped!

Anyway, shortly after I got up, I chatted with my dad a bit, he's having a hard time right now getting a job that does exist but for some reason isn't coming together as smoothly as expected, it's a long story but he's camping out at a friends house in Jacksonville waiting for things to work themselves out. So I chatted with him, which was nice, I love my poppa! Then I got a call shortly after from my bubby [brother] saying that he and my mom were at the theater right down the street and they were playing all three Back to the Future movies today and you only had to pay for one at matinee price even! So at first I wasn't going to...but then I thought you only live once right??!?!! And we all need a little more spontenaity in our life, here it was knocking on my door and I almost turned it down! So I went and watched them all...shared some popcorn, some great laughs, and saying the lines of the movie along with the actors. It was great the only thing missing was Nathan, but it still was great. I took some pics with my bubby's whenever he uploads them I will share them with all you great folk! =]

Now I'm catching up on facebook, and researching dogs. I want to be a mom more than anything in my's something I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. Sure I have a whole slough full of other aspirations and goals, but personally having a house full of children grow up and love us and God would be accomplishment enough for me...because of that great passion and desire in's hard for me to not catch Baby does it just creep in and take over. I sometimes take a breather for a couple of months, I pack it away for at least a year...and two months later, pregnant woman seem to be everywhere I go! haha In an effort to ward off this "disease" I've been begging for a puppy. Something a little more interactive and more work than the kitties that we have. Something that will go for walks with me, and even add a little more security for when I'm home by myself. So as those of you who follow along with my blogs know, I desperately want a great dane...yes a blue one, they are so handsome when they are grown...but they are quite expensive. So I agreed to do some research and find another type of dog for now...and put off the great dane for awhile...I don't know if I'll find something, but I'm hoping to! I don't know when we will actually get it either...I'm thinking probably for our anniversary, once we move into something on the first floor or a house...and maybe even a yard ::fingers crossed:: So that's the excitement of my life for now! Hope everyone is doing fabulous, don't forget to leave me some comment love! =]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Blogging Slacker Returns from wherever she was...

What a blogging slacker I am! So sorry!

It's been a busy time lately, lots of decisions, and activity. Besides working the little bit that I do, we managed to watch 2 full seasons of Hero just short of two weeks. =] Now we are completely addicted.

Then Friday night and Saturday morning I went to the Joyce Meyer conference that was in town, I went with my parents, saw Matt Redman lead worship and was revived spiritually beyond words. I had never been a huge fan of Joyce but really liked the teaching I received over the weekend and am looking into trying to go to her women's conference in September that she has every year in St. Louis. I LOVE conferences, they are so energetic so freeing and life bringing, you gain perspective you are encourage and renewed and I just can't get enough!

She talked about how we need to trust God and rest in Him. The things that He has put on your heart to accomplish will be accomplished if we rely on Him. We need to stop worrying about how things will work out, how we will get there, how, but where, but what about this, NO! Just stop yourself, calm yourself, breath in deeply for a minute and let your soul go on vacation. Let God work out the details, let God open up the doors, Remember the things you know in your heart and believe in them, truly believe in them so they go beyond words, and they become action! =] Phew! It was even more amazing then that but I'll stop there.

Then yesterday we went to our friends church to see their precious little girl, get dedicated. We went to a barbeque afterwards, it was so wonderful being able to wear shorts and having a little too much sunshine in February. What a blessing! I am really becoming more and more content with being in Florida, although I know this is not where I want to settle I know that we are here now and I need to stop focusing on what the next step is, and just appreciate where I'm at right now for what it is.
This is Gracie! [she is just so pretty!]

Nathan is trying to get a youth internship currently. We are looking for a house to rent. Resting in the fact that God knows what's on our hearts, He wants us to have the desires of our hearts [as long as they match up with His word, which they do!] and so He will accomplish them in His perfect timing, for now, we need to be looking for what we are to accomplish while we are here...and although I have my theories...I'll save that for another post.

Blessings to you all, I pray that your eyes will be completely open to the blessings around you.

Oh and as a last thought and update. Awhile back, [about a month or so] I asked for you all to pray for a couple I know, Kim and Steve. As a recap, Kim has just come out of multiple surgeries that have made her cancer free and after her last surgery [a hysterectomy] they found out that her husband, Steve has stage 4 cancer and with chemo would have roughly a year, without it 5 months...well it would seem that things are progressing much faster than that, I talked to my friend Megan [b/c the couple are her in-laws] and she said he looks MUCH worse than he did even 3 weeks ago. He can no longer up and down the stairs, his skin has turned yellow, and he sleeps most of the time b/c of the pain. We are truly praying for a miracle, as their family prepares to let go of a beloved member of their family. He has started to say his good byes already...and so as you can imagine this is a very emotional time for them all. Megan's husband, Steve's son is in the navy and so they are praying for favor that he would be able to make it home one last time to see his dad if a miracle is not going to happen. So if you could just continue to put him [and his family] on your prayer lists, I would greatly appreciate it!

Alright, love to you all.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

So we are totally celebrating Valentine's Day like all week...we are still sleeping in the tent...and Thursday we are getting boneless wings and hanging out ALL day long. We are completely addicted to Heroes now, we are watching them on DVD and are about half way through season two thanks to my bubby for lending them to us. =] So here are a couple of pics from the Sunday evening celebration. We simply exchanged cards.

Nathan and Me

Yummy Smores on the front porch

Nathan having smores for the very first time! [he's always just eaten the marshmallows] He liked them! YAY!!!

Laughing in the tent


Sparkling red grape juice to toast with...our 4th Valentine's Day together. awww...

That's all for now...more later guys.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Past and Present Valentine's Day

Since my husband is a waiter, we tend to celebrate Valentine's Day on a different day then the actual 14th of February. I think the only Valentine's Day that we actually spent with each other was our very first.

Nathan made me a riddle that I had to figure out to know where we were going it was so cool, and that's how I found out he was taking me to the Dallas zoo...[which was mostly under construction, poor fella] But we enjoyed some hand holding and some picture taking, it was a lot of fun looking at all those birds, buying a little flamingo water bottle [that I still have], and just being together. After the zoo and some lunch he dropped me off at my dorm so I could get ready for the night...I made him dinner, brought some candels and had a friend drop me off at the park that Nathan I always went to. So when he was all ready he called me and I had forgotten matched to light the candels so I said alright pull out of the parking lot and stop at the closest gas station and buy a lighter or candels...he was SO confused but he did it, then I said get back on the highway and just drive...I had remembered the number of the exit instead of the street hoping he wouldn't know right away...and it worked! So anyway he ended up pulling into the park with me just sitting there with this nice dinner and candels and a couple of presents, he was floored. He ate and exchanged presents, he bought me a book by Max Lacado that I had wanted, I bought him a stuffed monkey he had mentioned was his favorite [at least one of them] and some cologne. I think he got me something else but I honestly can not remember...that's a bummer I'm sure it's in one of my journals somewhere...hold on sec...::insert jeopardy theme music here:: okay! It was a beautiful card, a box of chocolates and the book. He is very romantic. After we finished with dinner we went to the movies and saw Something New...which was a nice movie. It was a great first Valentines together.

The next year was our first Married Valentines day!!! We didn't celebrate on the exact day b/c we had family in town and Nathan was working...I think we might have even split it up into two different days...but we went bowling, ate at Spaghetti Warehouse, and went to the Aquarium. It was a fabulous day[s] as well.

Last year, well...Nathan found a Fazoli's down here [one my fav places to eat when I lived back in Michigan]...I typed up a letter for him...I rememer I was kind of sad that day for some reason, so I'm pretty sure we just came home and had some chinese and watched some movies together. Pretty low key. =]
AND Now this year...Nathan worked a double yesterday. I stayed at home, my parents came over to help around the house b/c I'm still pretty darn sore. We chatted a lot, soaked in the hot tub watched a movie. I had my dad hang up Nathan's punching bag so he could get rid of some of his agression in a healthy way, guys need outlet of sorts. We had gotten in a fight the night before [me and Nate] and had continued to fight via text most of the day, which really sucked. BUT He called and said that he was sorry and that we should talk when he got home, b/c he had been selfish and he doesn't want to be that person anymore and I had already had my dad hang up the punching bag and I put a note on it that simply said Happy Valentines Day Monster. [heart]B. I peeked through the blinds when I heard him open up the screen door...and he was just standing there staring. He stood out there for a good couple of minutes and finally came inside and said, thank you. I don't deserve it, but thank you. We hugged and kissed and talked some more stuff out. He shared with me his frustration of not being able to come up with things to do for me that don't cost money. He said I want to do stuff for you all the time but everything I think of costs money and we don't have any to spare at the moment. I told him I understood and I was just pleased that he liked it. =] So today we are actually celebrating...I think it's going to be half today and half on Thursday. He's making dinner...the same yumminess we had for my birthday and I...set up our tent that we got for our wedding...that had not been opened yet...yeah I put it up all by myself in our living room...boy was I sweating when I was says right in the instructions that you need two people, I prayed for favor and got it all up and put together...
before he comes home...I'll probably slip into something cute, put the fire on the tv...we have one of those fireplace dvd's [so cool] and maybe even the rainforest cd that Nate likes so much...I hope he likes it, I'm sure he will. Although we are going through some rough times right now in our reltationship, I'm just glad that we aren't the quitting types...we are in this forever, and I know that God is going to help us come out of everything much stronger. =]
[I'll post a picture of us later]

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

This will be short since it's quite uncomfortable to type...I was in a tiny little car accident on Tuesday, the car is fine, it wasn't our fault so we didn't get a ticket or anything...but after I went home and took a nap and got back up my neck was very sore, I thought I just slept on it wrong...but the next morning it was a lot worse...well it continued in this pattern throughout the day Tylenol not even touching it, so Nate took me to Urgent Care, x-ray came back normal they gave me a muscle relaxer and a pain killer both did not really even touch the pain...neither did I added some Tylenol in there and a couple of hot showers...I'm a little better today but last night was AWFUL! I sneezed and my whole back tensed up and now half my back is swollen. It almost feels like someone shoved a rod down my spine and anytime I move it causes pain. Anyway I should wrap this up...but just wanted to explain my absence in bloggy land!

Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovely Sundays

Went to church with the rents this morning. Very nice.

Ate chili dogs afterwards.

Chatted about child rearing, marital roles, inner desires to become the people we want to be, being creative & other people not seeing that, the possibility of me getting a perm, the fact that my mom needs to get back into sewing & crafts...the chat was really fabulous.

Then we played a full game of clue, that I [the winner of almost every game I play] did not win one single round in, and was a complete good sport about. YAY for me! We had a really good time laughing and just goofing around.

Gave my dad a much needed haircut.

Nate & I jetted home after that...a couple bites of pizza, a shower b/c my hair felt gross and I couldn't get over it, a quick video chat [skype] with the B-Rents then off to City Walk.

Starbucks was the next stop, me and my yummy usual [caramel frappacino extra caramel] and Nathan with his usual [Caramel Macchiato with a little hazelnut]. We chatted and made a step in the right direction relationship wise...we are really growing right now, learning, and truly coming out of the newly wed phase they call it, and into the choosing to always be in the newly wed phase, phase. [sorry if that doesn't make any sense, maybe some day I'll explain] Anyway the chat was really good and we made some progress.

Then we went to see He's Just Not That Into You, which I think has made it's way into my favorites list now, and Nathan agrees. I won't go off about it, but it was a great time together, lots of laughs, lots of happy sighs, some hand holding and even a lovely intimate kiss...which was simply divine.

Now we are at home, Nathan has fallen asleep to Stomp the Yard, I'm catching you lovely folk up on my day as I hear some lovely wine and my pj's calling my name.

Hope you are having a fabulous morning! [or afternoon/evening depending on when you read this]

More talk about my hair soon. [see last post]

love love love

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Ponderings

I love her hair, and I want it...but is this possible I wonder???

Had a fabulous night last night with my friend Brandi, we went and saw He's Just Not That Into has a cast full of people you would know and I liked it. I wrote a review about it on my other blog. [go check it out and leave me some comment love]

Other than that I relaxed today watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice online OH MY GOSH!! I can see the downward spiral it weird that my first reaction is to pray for people in television programs? haha

Tomorrow hanging out with the rents after going to church with them, Nate FINALLY has a Sunday off, then we are heading back for a little alone time/date night. =] Should be swell. See you on Monday...or tomorrow night if we get done early, don't wait up though! ;o)

My Husband Rocks

2. Tell the story of a memory about your husband that brings you a smile and a giggle every time you think about it!

As newlyweds, one day we were having a conversation about roasting marshmallows over candles and how romantic that would be and from there we somehow ended up talking about the game played in many youth groups and is called "chubby bunny" well if you are unfamilar let me teach marshmallow at a time you put them in your mouth and say chubby bunny and whoever can get the most mashamallows in there mouth and still say chubby bunny wins...apparently some places stopped playing this game b/c lots of people puke and well some I guess choke, but nevertheless us braveless souls partook of playing this game in our kitchen and EVEN managed to get a picture, it makes me giggle EVERY time. [I LOVE spontaneity.]
Here is the picture for your enjoyment.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apron Love

This is the first time I've ever entered a giveaway, whole heartedly that is...but I really do LOVE aprons, I'm constantly pointing out aprons to my hubby while browsing through Williams and Sonoma. hehe [they have real cute ones] Well on Mama's Losin It Blog:
she is having a giveaway...and it's an apron! This is the one I like:

it even has a matching garter and gloves how cool, i like the garter maybe not the gloves though...anyway I'm posting it her to share with all my fellow apron lovers, so you can head on over there and sign up too!
This link is for the site so you can see all the ones they have...the sweetheart ones are adorable as well it really was hard to choose just one!

Have fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting There

So nothing really new going on around here, other than my new addiction for Mafia Wars on I only joined b/c my friend asked me to, to help him out and well somehow I was sucked in. =]

Looking forward to the Bachelor tonight! I simply adore, Jillian, Stephanie, and Melissa. I probably won't watch it till tomorrow though, I like watching it online. So today, after I go to sleep and get up again, will watch True Beauty, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy from last week. Pajamas and snuggling with my kitties sounds like a purrrfect way to spend the day!

Was a little bummed about the Superbowl, but what an AMAZING game. I played euchre with my family, helped my mom figure out what to do with her during her "growing it out" stage...had some chili, wings, chips...yeah stocked up on all that healthy stuff.

However stuck with my no pop resolution! I can proudly say I made it through the first month of the year, eating NO fast food and drinking NO pop! Yay! I also did pretty good with my quiet time resolution of having quiet time at least four times a week...there was a week I think I only did it 3 times, but I've made up index cards now with people's names on them and then on the back what I want to pray for them for. It's really great, b/c whenever I pass by the stack I just grab one and start praying for them, either while I'm chilling on the couch or while cleaning, whatever I'm doing. It's really helped me with talking to God more, like I'm used to, getting back in the swing of things after a dry season, and boy is it REFRESHING! I wanted to read one book a month and I finished Captivating early in the month...been having a hard time finding another one, so that will be my challenge of the month. =] I also wanted to memorize at least one scripture a month and I did that! 1 Peter 1:22 "Now that you have purified yourself, by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brother, love one another deeply, from the heart." So all in all a good start to the year I think!

Something that everyone is doing on facebook, that I thought might be cool to do on here since not very many people know me, was a list of 25 Random Facts about me. Hope you enjoy!
1. I love God with my whole heart and always will. I have a hard time telling people I'm a Christian sometimes, just b/c of the stereotype they have been given b/c of all the non-loving judgemental people that call themselves Christians...[that doesnt' get me worked up or anything lol]
2. My husband calles me button, and I adore it. I call him monster, and he adores that.
3. Singing is the same as breathing for me, necessary and vital.
4. Movies are my favorite escape.
5. I LOVE tattoos, I have 2 and know of at least 3 more I'm getting...plenty more ideas though. 6. Crosby and Mowgali, are honestly the best cats ever. [so was Sinatra, who passed away, boo!]7. I want to travel the world, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Greece, name it!
8. I was the captain of my soccer team in highschool.
9. Journaling is so freeing.
10. I'm not like normal girls, I don't spend a lot of money on shoes, I hate purses, and my idea of a great meal is a steak, potatoes and a beer. =] no salad for me! haha
11. However, I enjoy being feminine. I love perfume, flowers, candles, and lingerie.
12. I absolutely LOVE dying my hair.
13. I have the cutest nephew in the whole world, whom I've nicknamed Mai Ty.
14. Even though I live in Orlando and even worked there, I still have a love for Disney.
15. I prefer rainy days to sunny ones. [most of the time] and prefer scarves and sweaters, to shorts and flip flops. [although I love flip flops]
16. I LOVE children and hope to have at LEAST 5 of my own some day, but maybe closer to 10. =] [and yes my husband wants the same amount]
17. Concerts bring me utter happiness.
18. I take WAY more pictures then needed, b/c I want to remember EVERYTHING!
19. I have a fascination with stars.
20. I'm left handed
21. I love being outdoors, camping, canoeing, get the idea.
22. My husband is perfect...for me. I'm still and always am trying to be the woman and wife God wants me to be.
23. I love going to the dentist.
24. I love to bake, but do not love sweets, I usually just give them away.
25. I'm blunt, stubborn, passionate, caring and open.

oh and as a 26. I love making lists. =]

Have a GREAT week everyone! and a fabulous beginning to your month!