Monday, February 23, 2009

The Blogging Slacker Returns from wherever she was...

What a blogging slacker I am! So sorry!

It's been a busy time lately, lots of decisions, and activity. Besides working the little bit that I do, we managed to watch 2 full seasons of Hero just short of two weeks. =] Now we are completely addicted.

Then Friday night and Saturday morning I went to the Joyce Meyer conference that was in town, I went with my parents, saw Matt Redman lead worship and was revived spiritually beyond words. I had never been a huge fan of Joyce but really liked the teaching I received over the weekend and am looking into trying to go to her women's conference in September that she has every year in St. Louis. I LOVE conferences, they are so energetic so freeing and life bringing, you gain perspective you are encourage and renewed and I just can't get enough!

She talked about how we need to trust God and rest in Him. The things that He has put on your heart to accomplish will be accomplished if we rely on Him. We need to stop worrying about how things will work out, how we will get there, how, but where, but what about this, NO! Just stop yourself, calm yourself, breath in deeply for a minute and let your soul go on vacation. Let God work out the details, let God open up the doors, Remember the things you know in your heart and believe in them, truly believe in them so they go beyond words, and they become action! =] Phew! It was even more amazing then that but I'll stop there.

Then yesterday we went to our friends church to see their precious little girl, get dedicated. We went to a barbeque afterwards, it was so wonderful being able to wear shorts and having a little too much sunshine in February. What a blessing! I am really becoming more and more content with being in Florida, although I know this is not where I want to settle I know that we are here now and I need to stop focusing on what the next step is, and just appreciate where I'm at right now for what it is.
This is Gracie! [she is just so pretty!]

Nathan is trying to get a youth internship currently. We are looking for a house to rent. Resting in the fact that God knows what's on our hearts, He wants us to have the desires of our hearts [as long as they match up with His word, which they do!] and so He will accomplish them in His perfect timing, for now, we need to be looking for what we are to accomplish while we are here...and although I have my theories...I'll save that for another post.

Blessings to you all, I pray that your eyes will be completely open to the blessings around you.

Oh and as a last thought and update. Awhile back, [about a month or so] I asked for you all to pray for a couple I know, Kim and Steve. As a recap, Kim has just come out of multiple surgeries that have made her cancer free and after her last surgery [a hysterectomy] they found out that her husband, Steve has stage 4 cancer and with chemo would have roughly a year, without it 5 months...well it would seem that things are progressing much faster than that, I talked to my friend Megan [b/c the couple are her in-laws] and she said he looks MUCH worse than he did even 3 weeks ago. He can no longer up and down the stairs, his skin has turned yellow, and he sleeps most of the time b/c of the pain. We are truly praying for a miracle, as their family prepares to let go of a beloved member of their family. He has started to say his good byes already...and so as you can imagine this is a very emotional time for them all. Megan's husband, Steve's son is in the navy and so they are praying for favor that he would be able to make it home one last time to see his dad if a miracle is not going to happen. So if you could just continue to put him [and his family] on your prayer lists, I would greatly appreciate it!

Alright, love to you all.


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby!!!!!!!!!

I love Heroes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for the joke-worked like a charm!

Tender Warrior said...

I am praying for the Kim and Steve, as well as us, even though our trouble seems meek in comparison. Gracie is adorable, maybe half as cute as our kids will be....I love you, forever and ever Babe.

R.L.Scovens said...

Joyce's conferences refresh me in a way that not much else can! I'm scheduled to attend in Tulsa in May and I am SO excited!

Peggy said...

What a beautiful baby! Wow.
You are so inspirational, friend!
I do have my eyes open to my many blessings:) I mean, I am pretty silly about it too. I will go from staring at our kids thinking we are SO blessed... to taking out the trash in the garage thinking I am so blessed to have a garage.. with a trash can. LOL I thank God for my blessings and for each day of life every night!

Oh my, yes I remember when you told us about that couple. I will continue to pray - how very sad.

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