Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to the Future Excitement

Today was great! I slept half of it away...must have needed it. I went to bed with a throbbing headache and woke up at 1pm feeling MUCH better. Sometimes sleep is all you need, and I'd rather that then getting sick for a week, especially since a week from yesterday my friend will be here! I'm soooo pumped!

Anyway, shortly after I got up, I chatted with my dad a bit, he's having a hard time right now getting a job that does exist but for some reason isn't coming together as smoothly as expected, it's a long story but he's camping out at a friends house in Jacksonville waiting for things to work themselves out. So I chatted with him, which was nice, I love my poppa! Then I got a call shortly after from my bubby [brother] saying that he and my mom were at the theater right down the street and they were playing all three Back to the Future movies today and you only had to pay for one at matinee price even! So at first I wasn't going to...but then I thought you only live once right??!?!! And we all need a little more spontenaity in our life, here it was knocking on my door and I almost turned it down! So I went and watched them all...shared some popcorn, some great laughs, and saying the lines of the movie along with the actors. It was great the only thing missing was Nathan, but it still was great. I took some pics with my bubby's whenever he uploads them I will share them with all you great folk! =]

Now I'm catching up on facebook, and researching dogs. I want to be a mom more than anything in my's something I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. Sure I have a whole slough full of other aspirations and goals, but personally having a house full of children grow up and love us and God would be accomplishment enough for me...because of that great passion and desire in's hard for me to not catch Baby does it just creep in and take over. I sometimes take a breather for a couple of months, I pack it away for at least a year...and two months later, pregnant woman seem to be everywhere I go! haha In an effort to ward off this "disease" I've been begging for a puppy. Something a little more interactive and more work than the kitties that we have. Something that will go for walks with me, and even add a little more security for when I'm home by myself. So as those of you who follow along with my blogs know, I desperately want a great dane...yes a blue one, they are so handsome when they are grown...but they are quite expensive. So I agreed to do some research and find another type of dog for now...and put off the great dane for awhile...I don't know if I'll find something, but I'm hoping to! I don't know when we will actually get it either...I'm thinking probably for our anniversary, once we move into something on the first floor or a house...and maybe even a yard ::fingers crossed:: So that's the excitement of my life for now! Hope everyone is doing fabulous, don't forget to leave me some comment love! =]

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Peggy said...

Get a puppy! Oh I love puppies:) Scott is allergic so no animals with fur for us, ever:(
Girl - the baby fever NEVER goes away! The stage of life I am in now - is when I see a baby I feel sad because I know I can't have any more:( If we lived closer, I would certainly drop the twins off with you for a day. LOL!! They are a little older than the sweet little bundles, but they are still in diapers so that counts, right?