Sunday, February 15, 2009

Past and Present Valentine's Day

Since my husband is a waiter, we tend to celebrate Valentine's Day on a different day then the actual 14th of February. I think the only Valentine's Day that we actually spent with each other was our very first.

Nathan made me a riddle that I had to figure out to know where we were going it was so cool, and that's how I found out he was taking me to the Dallas zoo...[which was mostly under construction, poor fella] But we enjoyed some hand holding and some picture taking, it was a lot of fun looking at all those birds, buying a little flamingo water bottle [that I still have], and just being together. After the zoo and some lunch he dropped me off at my dorm so I could get ready for the night...I made him dinner, brought some candels and had a friend drop me off at the park that Nathan I always went to. So when he was all ready he called me and I had forgotten matched to light the candels so I said alright pull out of the parking lot and stop at the closest gas station and buy a lighter or candels...he was SO confused but he did it, then I said get back on the highway and just drive...I had remembered the number of the exit instead of the street hoping he wouldn't know right away...and it worked! So anyway he ended up pulling into the park with me just sitting there with this nice dinner and candels and a couple of presents, he was floored. He ate and exchanged presents, he bought me a book by Max Lacado that I had wanted, I bought him a stuffed monkey he had mentioned was his favorite [at least one of them] and some cologne. I think he got me something else but I honestly can not remember...that's a bummer I'm sure it's in one of my journals somewhere...hold on sec...::insert jeopardy theme music here:: okay! It was a beautiful card, a box of chocolates and the book. He is very romantic. After we finished with dinner we went to the movies and saw Something New...which was a nice movie. It was a great first Valentines together.

The next year was our first Married Valentines day!!! We didn't celebrate on the exact day b/c we had family in town and Nathan was working...I think we might have even split it up into two different days...but we went bowling, ate at Spaghetti Warehouse, and went to the Aquarium. It was a fabulous day[s] as well.

Last year, well...Nathan found a Fazoli's down here [one my fav places to eat when I lived back in Michigan]...I typed up a letter for him...I rememer I was kind of sad that day for some reason, so I'm pretty sure we just came home and had some chinese and watched some movies together. Pretty low key. =]
AND Now this year...Nathan worked a double yesterday. I stayed at home, my parents came over to help around the house b/c I'm still pretty darn sore. We chatted a lot, soaked in the hot tub watched a movie. I had my dad hang up Nathan's punching bag so he could get rid of some of his agression in a healthy way, guys need outlet of sorts. We had gotten in a fight the night before [me and Nate] and had continued to fight via text most of the day, which really sucked. BUT He called and said that he was sorry and that we should talk when he got home, b/c he had been selfish and he doesn't want to be that person anymore and I had already had my dad hang up the punching bag and I put a note on it that simply said Happy Valentines Day Monster. [heart]B. I peeked through the blinds when I heard him open up the screen door...and he was just standing there staring. He stood out there for a good couple of minutes and finally came inside and said, thank you. I don't deserve it, but thank you. We hugged and kissed and talked some more stuff out. He shared with me his frustration of not being able to come up with things to do for me that don't cost money. He said I want to do stuff for you all the time but everything I think of costs money and we don't have any to spare at the moment. I told him I understood and I was just pleased that he liked it. =] So today we are actually celebrating...I think it's going to be half today and half on Thursday. He's making dinner...the same yumminess we had for my birthday and I...set up our tent that we got for our wedding...that had not been opened yet...yeah I put it up all by myself in our living room...boy was I sweating when I was says right in the instructions that you need two people, I prayed for favor and got it all up and put together...
before he comes home...I'll probably slip into something cute, put the fire on the tv...we have one of those fireplace dvd's [so cool] and maybe even the rainforest cd that Nate likes so much...I hope he likes it, I'm sure he will. Although we are going through some rough times right now in our reltationship, I'm just glad that we aren't the quitting types...we are in this forever, and I know that God is going to help us come out of everything much stronger. =]
[I'll post a picture of us later]

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


Yaya said...

Oh I hate when Josh and I are in a bummer. Hope you guys work through this one quickly!

Leah said...

How long have you been married? It's hard at first, bickering and arguing over silly things as you try to get used to life together is normal.

Leah said...

Ding dong, ding dong...wanna come out and play along? You've been tagged! Come on over to my blog and check out "What's in your bag?"

Peggy said...

Awesome idea with the tent and fireplace dvd!!! You are very creative!

Hope all is well. Everyone fights - ESPECIALLY concerning money!
We argue a lot mostly because I have a temper. :(

Jim & Naomi Trotto said...

I love it! i actually got tears in my eyes reading how romantic you two are. i just love it and i just love you guys too!!!

mom said...

Love you & I'm proud of you both. Life can throw some nasty crap at us but you guys are working through. I believe in you both.
love mom