Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovely Sundays

Went to church with the rents this morning. Very nice.

Ate chili dogs afterwards.

Chatted about child rearing, marital roles, inner desires to become the people we want to be, being creative & other people not seeing that, the possibility of me getting a perm, the fact that my mom needs to get back into sewing & crafts...the chat was really fabulous.

Then we played a full game of clue, that I [the winner of almost every game I play] did not win one single round in, and was a complete good sport about. YAY for me! We had a really good time laughing and just goofing around.

Gave my dad a much needed haircut.

Nate & I jetted home after that...a couple bites of pizza, a shower b/c my hair felt gross and I couldn't get over it, a quick video chat [skype] with the B-Rents then off to City Walk.

Starbucks was the next stop, me and my yummy usual [caramel frappacino extra caramel] and Nathan with his usual [Caramel Macchiato with a little hazelnut]. We chatted and made a step in the right direction relationship wise...we are really growing right now, learning, and truly coming out of the newly wed phase they call it, and into the choosing to always be in the newly wed phase, phase. [sorry if that doesn't make any sense, maybe some day I'll explain] Anyway the chat was really good and we made some progress.

Then we went to see He's Just Not That Into You, which I think has made it's way into my favorites list now, and Nathan agrees. I won't go off about it, but it was a great time together, lots of laughs, lots of happy sighs, some hand holding and even a lovely intimate kiss...which was simply divine.

Now we are at home, Nathan has fallen asleep to Stomp the Yard, I'm catching you lovely folk up on my day as I hear some lovely wine and my pj's calling my name.

Hope you are having a fabulous morning! [or afternoon/evening depending on when you read this]

More talk about my hair soon. [see last post]

love love love


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE clue! Do you have any of the 'other versions'? We have Simpsons Clue and it's so fun!

Peggy said...

Aww, I love your posts. You are a great writer! Your marriage, although new, sounds very wonderful and STRONG! Plus you have God in your marriage. Nothing can interfere:) I see babies on the horizon. LOL!

Starbucks rocks!

Oh, I need to see that movie.

Wine and pjs, what a delightful combination. :) If only I were not working at the moment.....

love love love back atcha!