Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting There

So nothing really new going on around here, other than my new addiction for Mafia Wars on I only joined b/c my friend asked me to, to help him out and well somehow I was sucked in. =]

Looking forward to the Bachelor tonight! I simply adore, Jillian, Stephanie, and Melissa. I probably won't watch it till tomorrow though, I like watching it online. So today, after I go to sleep and get up again, will watch True Beauty, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy from last week. Pajamas and snuggling with my kitties sounds like a purrrfect way to spend the day!

Was a little bummed about the Superbowl, but what an AMAZING game. I played euchre with my family, helped my mom figure out what to do with her during her "growing it out" stage...had some chili, wings, chips...yeah stocked up on all that healthy stuff.

However stuck with my no pop resolution! I can proudly say I made it through the first month of the year, eating NO fast food and drinking NO pop! Yay! I also did pretty good with my quiet time resolution of having quiet time at least four times a week...there was a week I think I only did it 3 times, but I've made up index cards now with people's names on them and then on the back what I want to pray for them for. It's really great, b/c whenever I pass by the stack I just grab one and start praying for them, either while I'm chilling on the couch or while cleaning, whatever I'm doing. It's really helped me with talking to God more, like I'm used to, getting back in the swing of things after a dry season, and boy is it REFRESHING! I wanted to read one book a month and I finished Captivating early in the month...been having a hard time finding another one, so that will be my challenge of the month. =] I also wanted to memorize at least one scripture a month and I did that! 1 Peter 1:22 "Now that you have purified yourself, by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brother, love one another deeply, from the heart." So all in all a good start to the year I think!

Something that everyone is doing on facebook, that I thought might be cool to do on here since not very many people know me, was a list of 25 Random Facts about me. Hope you enjoy!
1. I love God with my whole heart and always will. I have a hard time telling people I'm a Christian sometimes, just b/c of the stereotype they have been given b/c of all the non-loving judgemental people that call themselves Christians...[that doesnt' get me worked up or anything lol]
2. My husband calles me button, and I adore it. I call him monster, and he adores that.
3. Singing is the same as breathing for me, necessary and vital.
4. Movies are my favorite escape.
5. I LOVE tattoos, I have 2 and know of at least 3 more I'm getting...plenty more ideas though. 6. Crosby and Mowgali, are honestly the best cats ever. [so was Sinatra, who passed away, boo!]7. I want to travel the world, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Greece, name it!
8. I was the captain of my soccer team in highschool.
9. Journaling is so freeing.
10. I'm not like normal girls, I don't spend a lot of money on shoes, I hate purses, and my idea of a great meal is a steak, potatoes and a beer. =] no salad for me! haha
11. However, I enjoy being feminine. I love perfume, flowers, candles, and lingerie.
12. I absolutely LOVE dying my hair.
13. I have the cutest nephew in the whole world, whom I've nicknamed Mai Ty.
14. Even though I live in Orlando and even worked there, I still have a love for Disney.
15. I prefer rainy days to sunny ones. [most of the time] and prefer scarves and sweaters, to shorts and flip flops. [although I love flip flops]
16. I LOVE children and hope to have at LEAST 5 of my own some day, but maybe closer to 10. =] [and yes my husband wants the same amount]
17. Concerts bring me utter happiness.
18. I take WAY more pictures then needed, b/c I want to remember EVERYTHING!
19. I have a fascination with stars.
20. I'm left handed
21. I love being outdoors, camping, canoeing, get the idea.
22. My husband is perfect...for me. I'm still and always am trying to be the woman and wife God wants me to be.
23. I love going to the dentist.
24. I love to bake, but do not love sweets, I usually just give them away.
25. I'm blunt, stubborn, passionate, caring and open.

oh and as a 26. I love making lists. =]

Have a GREAT week everyone! and a fabulous beginning to your month!


The Blonde Duck said...

Saying hi from SITS!

Laura Kay said...

Congratulations on keeping your resolutions!

Stesha said...

Great willpower!

Hugs and Mocha,

Peggy said...

Girl, I just love you! We really were meant to be friends! I didn't know you were on facebook - please add me ASAP! LOL I want to share my list with you so you can see how much we have in common. Peggy Webb (washington DC) - Search me!

Also - my friend told me about using the name cards to pray for people. I have always wanted to put something together. Isn't that the best idea??

Chat with you soon!

Leah said...

love your list! :)

American in Norway said...

love the list! Super cute blog...thanks for popping by!