Saturday, January 24, 2009

Important Prayer Request

Steve and Kim

This is a couple from back home that played a big part in a lot of my highschool mission trips. They are also one of my good friends in-laws.
The last few months have been a HUGE roller coaster for them. From first finding out that she had breast cancer, which led to a double mastectomy. Then after that a hysterectomy, which had complications...anyway it's been quite the road. She is recovering well, and her faith in God has been astounding, and just an amazing example to follow.

Well, they just found out yesterday that after her husband drove himself to the ER due to stomach pains that he has stage 4 cancer, that is on his liver and pancrease and I think somewhere else, they are tumors and well without treatment they are giving him 4-6 months to live and with treatment they are saying a year. It's said to be incurable. The heartbreak she must be feeling at this moment I'm sure is beyond words, and yet her faith is still intact. Realizing more than ever that EVERY day is precious, every hello, kiss, snore, conversation...all things so easily taken for granted. She has such courage saying that they will fight this disease until God tells them to stop, and if He does that she is excited for Steve that he will go to heaven. Some may not understand that, some of you may not even pray...but if you do, could you PLEASE lift up a prayer for this couple. For peace, for healing, and that God's will would be done!

I will keep you guys updated, thanks for caring.


Patti Ann said...

i lost a friend to cancer, and this just breaks my heart. i am praying for them. but i understand the admiration you have in their faith. faith is the only thing that gets people through these times, and some of the most faithful people i have seen are those who have lost a loved one.

Yaya said...

Oh My Gosh, that's horrible. Wishing them quick recoveries and peace.

Sharlene said...

Visiting from SITS to let you know I am saying prayers for your friends. Cancer sucks!

Peggy said...

Oh my! I will surely add them to my prayer list. What a sad scenerio. Sending many thoughts and prayers their way.