Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today, the Anticipation

Trying to overcome my major headache.

Loving my big comfy Stewart family reunion sweatshirt my bubby had designed.

Missing my hubby, [he's working a double today]

Looking for inexpensive plane tickets.

Trying to remain calm about my assessment tomorrow. [I know deep down I'll do alright]

Bursting with excitement for Friday!!! [wanna know why? then ask me!]

A little bummed, [I'm cramping]

Getting things in order.

I'm not gonna's difficult having a blog right now, there are a few out there that I have met through blogland, which keep me wanting to press on, open up and continue writing. However, there are boundaries that I must have with others that read this blog and therefore, I have to practice constraint and be a LOT more mysterious then I tend to be. Thanks for understanding.

I'm missing all my family, my friends, and I haven't seen to much of Nate this week, just enough to make me miss him a LOT more.

Life has definitely thrown us a lot of curves these last couple of years, from trying to get into school, to different jobs, looking for churches, trips we thought we could take and ended up not being able to, relationships, marriage ups and downs, friends, it's just been a ride. We've made a lot of screwed up decisions, and we've made a lot of good decisions, we are learning and growing and not giving up and so looking back, I'm not disappointed in myself or us, if we didn't learn anything from all of it, then I would be. So right now we are approaching a crossroads, we have two very big opportunities available to us, and so we are praying MAJORLY for direction, peace, and discernment. Most of the times we get excited about one thing and put all our eggs in that basket, we aren't doing that this time. We set out with a goal, and reminded ourselves that just the journey of getting to that goal would be life changing and maybe we wouldn't end up doing another opportunity has arose and decision time she comes. It's thrilling, exciting, a little nerve racking, we are being cautious...but this time it REALLY does feel like we are on the brink of a new season. HOPEFULLY we've finally passed the test and can move out of this awful cycle we have been in! Now we are just waiting to find out...

Sorry it's vague, but hopefully it made SOME sense. Either way, thanks for your support and prayers. Have a GREAT end to your week,


Anonymous said...

I've been contemplating blogging lately too....

Peggy said...

I hold back a little on my blog, but I do it because of all the different personalities out there and I am afraid I will offend people by just being me! But you hold back for more personal reasons, right?
I am praying for you! Friday is coming! Why IS that exciting? Is it more than just a Friday?