Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrating Gracie

Our "adopted" niece had her first birthday party on Labor Day. She was adorable as usual. =] I just love being around friends and babies and people. Nate had to work and I was only able to drop by on my way to work but I took pictures of course. lol Just call me Mrs Shutterbug. hehe

Here is Ry giving her something to drink, while Grandma holds her.

Mommy [Katie] and Baby

Proud Auntie [me] with Gracie

Ryan and Katie - the happy and proud parents

Since we weren't able to attend the party in entirity, they are coming over Sunday for lunch and I couldn't be more excited! Friends truly are the family you choose, and they have been such a blessing through all our transition. I'm SO glad, our friendship is back "in season" lol
I'm enjoying work SO much, and Nate is counting down the days till he starts his new one. I'm so excited for him, he's so cute...he's going to have a desk job now and he says to me "Sarah, I'm just so excited to go to the store and buy brand new pens!" haha I was giggled, he was going off about putting my picture on his desk, having an organizer...this truly is a stretching, learning, new, exciting experience. I'm happy for him, he's wanted a desk job for awhile, he's wanted Sundays off for awhile and he put in his time and hard work, and now will have all Sundays off all holidays, will get some great pay, insurance...I'm excited for everything that will be achieved because of this job. Obviously, nothing is certain as we've learned from experience, but we are praying, and we are believing that this is the beginning of that light at the end of the tunnel for us.
Other than that, working tomorrow, Friday we are all going to the waterpark together, cast members for Disney get in free till February and I have free passes on top of that so I can get Nate in...nothing like a free day of fun in the water and sun...soaking in rays and enjoying a day off together. ::happy sigh:: My rents are coming too! I love spending time with them, they are such a blessing to our family.
Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend celebrating the exit of summer and the beginning of fall. [my favorite!]
Blessings to you,


Suzi said...

Have a good time. Time with family is always fun. Visiting from SITS. Check out The Apron Goddesses for the current apron giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Wow she's a year old already??

Sarah Bee said...

Yepper, time flies!