Sunday, September 20, 2009

Make Your Faith Fight

Some people with think I'm arrogant, prideful, and controlling.

I have to stop being run by others opinions, especially when they don't know where I've come from, and what I've come through.

We as Christians need to start rising up and standing up for what's right. Guess what!?!? That means people are not going to like you. They are going to be upset with you because they don't want to hear the truth that sometimes they already know. We need to start being confident in Christ, in His truth.

In church we are learning about David and Goliath. Pretty basic story you would think, at least I did. He's little, God gives Him strength to overcome the Giant that no one else wants to face...can I tell you right now David's first battle wasn't the giant on that day. Yeah he had killed a lion and a bear but there was still 3 battles between that and the giant. That is what this series right now is all about...
The 1st battle, was the battle against peoples words.
When he showed up everyone tried to put fear into him. Was what they were saying false? No. But were they seeing the situation through a faithfilled filter? No. David heard all those words of the giants size and his threats and he had to overcome fear itself. He had to choose to believe HIS God's words and promises, instead.

The 2nd battle, was against people that didn't believe in him. In David's case his family.
His brothers started second guessing him telling him he shouldn't do it. Telling him to go back home to what he knew. These were people he looked up to, his own flesh and blood. The people who matter SO much...and yet he had to leave them behind. He had to choose to live by God's words and not peoples. He still loved them sure, but they couldn't see the world through his have to keep going up pressing on and and growing your faith people in your life that aren't helping you build need to be let go. The battle is to serious to keep people in your circle that aren't for the cause per say.

The 3rd battle, was against his own insecurity.
He had to not only convince himself he could do it, but the king as well. How did he do that? He told the king his testimony, which in turn built up his courage...No one else saw him kill that lion or bear only him and God and yet his testimony of the events made all the difference. What are the things going on in your life...on the backside of the mountain, behind closed doors, what have you overcome that few know about? That's your testimony and power! Let people know where God's brought you from, not to make you look good, but to show the Power of Christ in your life, for your own renewal of courage and strength.

So many times we let ourselves get distracted by things along the sides instead of keeping our eyes on the giant. The devil knows that if we conquer that giant we will get the spoils and he doesn't want us to even have that chance...what? who? is in your life right now distracting you from the bigger picture? the giant in your life? I encourage you to rise up. Take action. Refocus on what God is calling you to focus on. Grab hold of the word and press on, don't worry about people misunderstanding you, attacking you, people think they have a right to be in your life, that you won't survive without them, it's not true. You have to answer to God, we need to start living in a spiritual life and not a natural one. It's ALL about Him, every day every I sold out? Am I a fanatic? You know I am! Some may think I'm too extreme...but I think others aren't extreme enough. We've let people roll up into our lives and speak all kinds of negative in our lives and we think because we love them we have to put up with it, we don't. Take control of your life!

Obviously this is just scratching the surface of some GREAT word so if you have the time I would LOVE for you to listen to the messages of last week and this week...if you have time for one listen to todays. Be open to the word and I have no doubt that if you want to hear God you will be blessed.

The Title is: Make Your Faith Fight

I would love to hear if you listen and are blessed. =]
Have a GREAT week everyone and take control of your life!


Lauren Thomas said...

I couldn't agree with you more! We're currently doing a series on conquering your promised land and one of the big topics is not being afraid to reach people and be unashamed of your faith. A great example was this:
If your neighbors house was on fire, would you just sit and watch it burn or would you run and help them out. Such is how we portray our faith. Do we just sit and let life pass us by, or do we try to offer the help of our Savior?!?!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post.

I've gone through stuff in my life that has my family not believing me and shunning me from the family. But I believe in myself.

Thank you for sharing.

Megan said...

Good stuff. Great reminder. Thanks for sharing!! =)