Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Celebrations & Victories

For my brother's 21st Birthday we took him to a Tiger's Baseball game. It was SO much fun!
[it was my first mlb game]

Me, Dad, and Mum in the backseat on the way to St. Petersburg

Nate and Justin

Our FABULOUS first baseman!
Mum Dad

Smooches at the game
Me and the Fella I want to experience life with, for all of time.

Our Family - I love these people ::happy sigh::
Me and my Bubby laughing it up
My husband is such a character...

Yummy hot dog! [all beef, the best!]

It's not about winning...but it feels great when you do!
Us celebrating our victory....

Justin too!

Me and two of my favorite fellas. I love them dearly...

Experiencing life with family is the best gift of all...I'm truly blessed. You never know when life will change, when the opportunities will lessen, I'm appreciating it so much especially right now as Justin is moving back to Michigan in a couple of weeks. I'm SO excited for him, he is being obedient to God and following his dreams, I will miss him SO much, but I know we will all be happier when we are where God wants us, if we allow ourselves to be. So I'm praying blessings on him as he embarks on the next chapter of his life! WAHOO!
Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love going to baseball games!