Friday, September 25, 2009

My Husband Rocks, He is Kind

I just back from having coffee with my daddy. I love that guy, quality time together is just AMAZING! =]

But today is Friday...which means I get to tell you why MY husband totally ROCKS! This week started a bit rough, just like the enemy to try and kick you when you are all pumped up on the word. Stupid devil. ha! So our car was towed from Disney to Lakeland because, quite frankly the tire felt like it was going to fall off. That's a bummer. Praise God my dad has AAA and free tows up to 100 miles YAY! but not so yay that we had 1 car between the three of us, God made it work though which just shows HOW amazing He really is! [like I didn't already know hehe]....Nate started his new job this week and is more excited then I've seen him in awhile,
he is SO pumped up and he got his cubicle and there was a little piece of paper from a fortune cookie that the last person had apparently taped there and left said "Your success will astonish everyone." How cool is that! I'm believing that will be the case!

So back to the car being towed. We had issue with AAA but ended up getting the tow to not count as one of the 3 my dad gets because of all the time and confusion and I ended up not paying for gas for the trip home and I got to ride in the air conditioning, not too shabby. =] So I'm talking with the two truck guy and Nate calls me, he says "I know you are probably chatting up a storm with the tow truck guy so I won't keep you, just wanted to know how far away from home you are?" I laughed, I LOVE how well he knows me.

Then when we get home, he comes outside with two bottles of water, one for me and one for the truck driver. THAT is MY husband! I know it's simple and little, but it's loving others and I LOVE that about him. So my husband rocks. Because finds the smallest opportunities to show others kindness.

So today I get to rest it on up, watching America's Next Top Model marathon on tv...LOVE that show. Tomorrow the car goes into get fixed. Michelle and Otto come over for dinner and we are teaching them how to play hand and foot. So exciting! Although things may seem like a struggle, I'm keeping my eyes open for the opportunity to break the cycle and praising Him for my victory in life that will come sooner than I think, I just know it!

Also just a couple of prayers requests, My uncle was just diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer. They said they found it early enough to remove it...there are a few ways to do that so wisdome to make the right decisions and for a quick recovery. My other uncle just had surgery and has been dealing with chest pains, healing for his body and a quick recovery. My Gran just had heart surgery a couple of weeks ago, unexpected and my Papa is having a lot of issues with his knee that the medicines will do what they are supposed to do in both of them, that they will receive healing and that we will be able to get up there soon to see them. I MISS them.

Alrighty, I think that's it, guys have a great weekend! Be blessed...and I'm sure I'll be writing soon about Sunday's word so get ready! =]


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Anonymous said...

I hope your uncles and pop are ok. :(

that is sweet that your hubs brought out water fir the tow truck guy. It's the little things, ya know?