Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Week...

Sunday we had Ryan, Katie and Gracie over it was SO much fun. I made this amazing spaghetti not to brag or anything but it was AWESOME! hehe We've LOVE that Ronzoni pasta with extra fiber it tastes so yummy! I cut up a bunch of green pepper and red onions [which for some reason I'm totally addicted to at the moment] put a bunch of mushrooms and garlic. Used Turkey instead of Hamburger all in the sauce. Oh it was chunky and awesome. =]

We had so much fun hanging out with them all. The cats got their first real encounter with a child. haha Mowgali was terrified after Gracie chased him around the room a bit. Crosby kept moving but Gracie kept following him. She petted him and he was curious about her! haha Only one bat from his declawed little paw the whole afternoon and we recovered from it quickly. Thank God!

Gracie is just a total riot...I taught her to do this...haha isn't she a cutie!?!?
The wonders of a coffee table. hehe

We love her.
So yeah great times. Worked the last two days...Justin leaves tonight. =[ Nate has his last day at the Olive Garden on Saturday. Yay for new seasons in life.

Nothing else really going on, just working and loving life. Oh, and Sunday's sermon was amazing, he talked about the armor of God...God gives us army b/c we have to fight He will not always swoop in and take care of everything, we have a HUGE part to play. He talked about how the first battle David had to fight was NOT Goliath. He had to fight the fear that all the other soldiers tried to put in him. We have to be careful what we allow ourselves to hear, in David's case he didn't want to hear any of it. He won the first battle, sometimes the enemy tries to keep you from your biggest enemy b/c he knows the spoils you will gain when conquering him. So he tries to distract you with smaller battles...we have to identify these and press on, quickly. =] Anyway GREAT word as always, I LOVE being part of a home church. Some interesting ministry opportunities look like they be opening up and we are beyond excited with where God is taking us!

Have a great rest of the week all. =]

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Anonymous said...

So cute! The one year old I nanny for is obsessed with my cat.

Yum! Pasta!