Friday, May 1, 2009

My Husband RocksThrough Tough Weeks

My Husband Rocks this week...because he just does. He has handled everything thrown at us in the last week remarkably well. He truly is someone I admire love and respect beyond anything I ever imagined. He truly amazes me and gives me strength. Something that came to my attention is his automatic signature to his emails, it just makes him that much more respectable to me it says:
Honesty is simply following the facts
and truthfully speaking from your heart.
May honesty guide you today and forever.
God bless you.

I love it. I love him. End of story.

We went to see Wolverine last night at midnight, IT WAS EPIC! I loved it, Hugh Jackman is so hunky. ;] It was fun, Justin, Nate and Me. It helped a ton!

Things with family are continually getting worse...which like I said before it just sucks. I was informed by my husband though that I am to keep blogging about what I want, I'm not being disrespectful and it is an outlet that none of my friends and only a couple of Nate's family members know about, it creates a nice escape, however I'm not sure how well it will work...I don't want to be stirring things up, even if I don't think I'm wrong in this, I honestly want to be part of the solution. Thanks for your encouraging words though and help with me trying to figure out how to handle things properly, although I haven't completely figured it out, it was helpful to know I'm not the only one out there having issues with inlaws.

So anyway, on to other things. Choir is going well, lots of planning for our reunion trip that we are really determined to go on, we decided to combine a couple of things together, our alone camping trip I was talking about, we are planning on doing after the reunion up in the UP, we plan on visiting friends we haven't seen in ions, hopefully trips to the Coca Cola factory, Cedar Point and Graceland. Also the Woodward Dream Cruise...I've never been and desperately want to be a part of something Nathan did before I met him, I think it's so much fun experiencing those things together.

I guess that's all for now, I'm feeling tired after going to that movie and then working first thing this morning. I'm gonna go cuddle up with a cat, eat something and watch a movie. Thanks for the prayers, we can feel them and appreciate it sooo much!

Blessings to you,

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Yaya said...

What an awesome hubs. I swear, we are going through the same thing this week.

Although bc of our family drama my hubs failed to recognize Flicka's due date yesterday, and that really hurt. :(