Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons Learned

So I haven't written in awhile...thought about it a couple times, and alas chose not to.

I'm learning a lot lately, I think learning might come in waves in this season of my life. One moment I'm enjoying all the lessons I just learned and I turn the corner and have a whole new wave of things to learn, grasp, and adapt to. It's tiring, exciting, emotional...needless to say it takes a lot of my time and energy.

Nathan and I have been watching Joyce Meyer online every morning now for two weeks. It's been SO amazing, just teaching us and showing us I said before I never was a huge fan of hers, but God is really just using her at this time in my life to speak to me and Nathan it's really awesome. I can't talk about it enough.

So today is Pentecost Sunday. I think I had heard the phrase before briefly at church growing up, but at our new church they really went into what it meant, it's SO cool learning new things. Our pastor has a passion for Hebrew translation and Greek he's always doing a lot of studying and teaching us new ways to look at scripture I can't tell you how exciting it really is.

One thing that I've been really grabbing hold of lately is making sure that I pray before I speak or make decisions, instead of speaking or making a decision then asking God if it was the correct thing to do. I've always known this was the right way to do it but God has really been impressing it upon me and showing me situations where I can should have done this and pointing out in advance where I can. =] Gotta love the process, and in that process I've learned that I'm no longer applying for the team lead position. Some other doors might be opening for me though so I'm pumped to see what God DOES have in store for me in the new future!

Also for those who may have been following me about what's going on with us and Nate's family, I wanted to just say that I hope no one has thought ill of them because of me. My main purpose of writing anything about that situation was just to outlet some frustration on what I could do better. I thought maybe someone who had been through this could give me advice maybe or someone who might be going through as I am could be encouraged that they aren't alone. Either way, I hurt some feelings and so I wanted to make sure it was clear to those who don't know me which is honestly most of you, that it wasn't my intention to speak badly of anyone.

And in closing on to today...we hung out with the family a little and went to see Night at the Museum 2 I'll post pics tomorrow but it was really funny and just nice to be all together. Church was rockin' this morning. And now off to a night of Settlers and a Movie with my favorite person in the world. Oh and that fella rocks this week b/c he sang to me. Yes my favorite song that he sings, is When a Man Loves a Woman. Because he sings very dramatic and out of key and it's probably one of the cutest things you could ever see. He amazes me and makes me smile and I couldn't be more blessed.

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