Monday, June 1, 2009

A Posse of Pictures

Mom right after church

Nate right after church

Me in the car on the way back to Orlando
[my new sunglasses! Which are a total blessing, I haven't had any for over a year and the ones I like finally went on sale for only $10! YAY Go God!]

My Mum and Me at City Walk I love this lady.
Some of my favorite fellas.

My Popa! What a handsome happy guy!

Nate and Me on the moving sidewalk.

My amazing husband!

Us Happy Together

My Beautiful Mother
Happy Rents
So there you have it, pictures of yesterday as promised! It was an amazing day, not any pics of Justin b/c he wasn't in a getting his picture mood. =] I love him anyway! Hope you all are having a happy Monday and remembering all the blessings you have, even the smallest ones. Because He is a good God!

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Anonymous said...

Love your new shades! And I love your mom's ORANGE shirt! ;)