Monday, June 8, 2009

Blessings and Boxes

So things are...crazy and yet awesome. Yesterday church was AMAZING! Oh, it is every Sunday and I just love how much God is speaking to me, and then reaffirming me on Sunday. Pastor Scott talked about being the Top Gun Pilot of your life. He talked about how when you are a pilot you have to stay on the runway for awhile running and running...but you need that resistance you get to be able to fly. Then when you get into the air and come into the clouds, you can't see anything you have to rely on your instruments to know where you are and where you are heading, those instruments in our life is the Word of God. Although they're may be a storm outside your window, focusing on it won't help you, you have to keep your eye on the instruments! He even dressed up in a flight suit...
one of the key lines of the sermon was, "going to church can give you direction, but obedience is going to give you stability." You can be heading the right way and still be up and down and all over the place, I want a smoother ride, I want to be obedient. What a challenge but one that is surely rewarding!
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So after church we had a nice lunch with my rents, Nate and I were looking mighty swell, clothes aren't as tight anymore, I've lost a total of 14lbs since the beginning of the year, Nate is gaining muscle so going by weight isn't that encouraging but he went down to a size large in his shirt and is down a belt hole or two, he's looking NICE meow!
Today Nate went to work, and I sorted, condensed, packed, and cleaned. It was a VERY productive day! Nathan is going to be SO excited he has been bumming out because he couldn't find his pc study Bible so he could put it on our computer [it was on our old computer and the laptop that crashed] well today I found it!!! It's already installed and everything, he is going to be SOOO excited! I also found some pictures I can't wait to go through with him, and I found the sweetest note from his Grandma, it said "Hi Nathan Will you be my valentine? Love Grandma E xo" it is just the sweetest thing, I think it will definately bring a smile to his face. I just love going through boxes and remembering times in my life, reading through journals, looking at pictures it takes me forever to get through a box but it's still SO much fun! So anyway I took a few pictures of myself with things I found while sorting and condensing. =]

This is me and Nathan's Ewok - Wicket

This is me in a shirt that I found in one of Nate's boxes, I believe it was his Grandma E's it says "I'm OK God Doesn't Make JUNK" I love it...

Me with the bear Nate won for me on our First Anniversary. ::happy sigh::

Me in a random hat from one of Nate's boxes

So I suppose that is it, been missing his family a bit lately...desiring to be close to your inlaws and having to wait for it to work out in God's timing is a hard place to be in. So please pray for me and Nate.
Been listening to Kirk Franklin today...Oh How I love the Name Jesus, oh you must listen to it if you have a minute, allow yourself to be inspired and touched by the Spirit of God it really does have a way of melting everything away! Thank you Jesus!
Blessings to you all.

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