Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

One of my best friends, Brandi got married this weekend and I was blessed to be one of her bridesmaids. It was unorganized, chaotic and random but a complete blast of course!
Brandi getting ready to get married

Me and Noel getting ready for the big event! =]

The Beautiful Bride

Happy Couple
Me and Noel waiting to get pictures taken
Me in the car on the way to the reception
Nate breaking it down with Brandi for the dollar dance

Nate and Me
At the end of the day there was a beautiful bride, an excited new husband, happy family and friends dancing and it all brought me back to my wedding day, before all the drama that would soon follow there was Nate and I...unbelievably happy to have each other forever. Astounded by God's grace that He should choose us for each other, not perfect, but perfect for each other. We danced the night away last night just as we did on our special day, and I welcomed the reminder of such an amazing day and an amazing love that has brought us through so much in such a little time and I was just blessed all over again. I guess you could say I love weddings. hehe
CONGRATS to my dear friend [even though she does not read this blog] I'm so happy for her and her new husband, and pray that they have lovely weather for their honeymoon cruise in Jamaicain waters this week, that their life would be a blessed one together, and that their love would never die.
To everyone else that may be married, I challenge you to think back to your wedding day [if it was pleasant] and remember how you felt during your first dance, in your brand new husband's arms, feeling more inlove than you ever thought possible, knowing that you could mold your future into ANYTHING you wanted, having the security of forever along the side of an amazing man, and feeling certain you would never feel anything different. Sometimes in our busyness we forget that passionate love we felt for our husbands during those first few hours, days, months and even years...I know I'm going to try and never forget and if I do, I hope I attend a wedding and remember all over again. =]
Blessings to you this wedding season!

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