Friday, June 12, 2009

Cancer, Provision, and a Rockin Hubby

It's so strange to me how many people around my age are being diagnosed with cancer, or are having surgeries to remove lumps and bumps that could possibly be cancer...or are finding out if they have cancer it just seems like it's all around me lately. Time to start kicking the prayer up a notch!

Today specifically a good friend found out she has thyroid cancer. Please pray for her. It's just unbelievable, they told her the bump wasn't cancerous, took it out tested it more and found out it was and they have to remove one of her thyroids now.

Another friend just had lumps removed from her breast, supposedly benign, I pray the story stays that way. The thing that creeps me out is THEY ARE MY AGE! If not just a couple years older...I'm coming against fear. =]

So today I got ANOTHER job! I'm now a paid professional photographer! I'm so pumped, I start this week. So busy week ahead, three days at new job, one day at Urban, wedding in Ft. Myers tomorrow, church Sunday, we have free tickets to Blizzard Beach so we are thinking about maybe going on Wednesday [my one day off], then Saturday I have a bridal shower and bachelorette party, not to mention choir practice Thursday night...and trying to find time somewhere to continue packing which might take place of Blizzard Beach...but keeping fun in your life is important too so who knows! It will be a week where a lot is accomplished and I'm excited!
OH! and MY husband rocks this week because he went running! AND completely organized our desk so it's all clean and tidy! YAY for him stepping up and helping me bring more order to our home! He has some OCD tendancies, that I honestly really appreciated when we first met, some are a little much but with balance I knew he would be able to help me be a neater person like I desire to be, things kind of went the other way on that one and this week we had a nice chat about how I would love for him to help me be more organized and he got really excited! So YAY for him like I said stepping up and letting something he's naturally good at benefit our home!
Here are a couple pics of us from this week, feeling good about ourselves and being healthier! =]

I guess that would be about it! I mean there is plenty more going on but not ready to share yet.
Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!
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It is scary. :(

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