Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband Rocks

I guess I should have waited for yesterdays post to put it as a My Husband Rocks post, I've been a little scatterbrained lately with everything going on. lol But there are so many things that rock about my husband I don't mind postnig about how amazing he is twice in a row.

He rocks this week b/c of his discipline. He has exercised every day this week...and today even without me there helping to push him! [which he asked me to do] He has a pretty steep goal and is trying to lose it before our reunion. I'm proud of him, for just being peaceful this week, for being confident, for making a plan and following through on it, for letting me watch what I wanted to watch this week movie wise. He just amazes me, and as our Anniversary peers at us from around the corner I'm realizing how much we have changed since we first got married, in such amazing ways too! Understanding one another better, communicating better, loving each other better, it's just so amazing to have Nathan in my life. He is a man that is a blessing to those around him, not just me. I'm proud to be married to such a funny, smart, gentle, God seeking, strong husband...He rocks! =]

Here are a couple pictures of us yesterday... =]
Out walking.
Off to work and choir practice.
Blessings to you.

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Yaya said...

Good job Mr. Bee!