Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Pictures and Update

So here are the pictures from my mums truly was an amazing day! My mom was sooo happy and the day was filled with laughter and picture taking. =]

Our family in front of the Castle.

Kristin [my cousin] and Bob [her boyfriend]

My extremely Happy and Attractive Husband, spinning me and mum on the tea cup ride.

Nate, Me, and Justin @ Epcot

Me and My Mum on the Splash Mountain Ride

Me and My Daddy

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Other than that, Nathan talked with his parents on Sunday and we officially are on a break. Nathan in turn has felt a tremendous relief, which I pray I will soon feel as well. Something encouraging, was the difference in the conversations, they seemed a lot more understanding this week, Nathan is concerned though that it might be because I wasn't there involved in the conversation. I pray this is not the case, it's just a crummy situation all together. It sucks b/c my words seem worthless and Nathan has a hard time portraying how he feels a lot, it makes communication very hard...I know a few people responded to my last post and encouraged me greatly! Thank you! If I could ask a question...How do you explain to someone that they haven't accepted you into their family? I mean clearly there have been a number of times I've been accepted...but they are mostly holidays which clearly I wouldn't be left out of and things I've specifically spoken up about to say I want to be included...I wonder if I will never be accepted in the way I wish, and need to just realize that they are accepting me in the way they think is acceptable...should there be a striving to meet in the middle, to explain why I feel unaccepted, or just let it go and be content with what I have. One thing I do know, is that the words every and never, are not helpful in disagreements...everyone in their faults has times where they do things correctly it's the habit that's the issue...
I'm doing a lot of praying and Nathan has been chatting a lot with my dad who has had similar problems in the past with his own family, my dad has been sharing what things he learned, the advice he received from a pastor, and so on...that's one thing I love about my dad as well and something that he has instilled in me, is always looking at things from both sides asking questions to bring out the root of issues the motives for's been quite helpful, we do not want to act improperly, we want to take responsibility for our part, we want to have peace, what want most of all is just to have resolution.
Thanks for listening to me blather on, a lot of changes have taken place recently, so please be praying for provision, wisdom and continued hope on the grayer days!
Blessings to you and your families.


Yaya said...

As you know I'm going through the exact same in law scenario. It's hard. It hurts to lose people. But it also hurts worse to have them in your life making things worse by being not supportive. I think a break will be good. Time to grow as a couple and not be held down by restraining and unaccepting people. I wish you peace as you move through this. I know it is not easy. Last night I cried for an hour about our situation. I feel bad for my husband. I feel like it's my fault. But ultimately I have to realize it is not my fault, it is theirs. They are not willing to see what is right in front of them.

Sarah Bee said...

Thanks. I think the break will be good as well, it just hurts so much. I feel bad for Nate as well, I feel like it's all my fault as well, and Nathan assures me it's not. Something I said in conversation that I thought was actually a good way of explaining it was, I did not bring the conflict, the conflict was there and I decided to deal with it. Either way, we are taking a breath and trying to watch our words as to not put more fuel on an out of control fire. Thanks again for your encouragement. It means a lot to me having someone who understands so well.