Friday, April 3, 2009

My Husband Rocks and A Praise Report!

In our home, we have specifically been focused on being happy for others when good things happen. When so and so gets a new car, or another couple is pregnant, their buying a house, so and so got a promotion...sometimes we feel a bit looked over, left out and behind, but what an amazing feeling to TRULY be happy for someone in their successes!?!? Well the other day a friend of ours from CFNI chatted with me a bit online and told me that he just got offered the job he has been praying for over in Germany. They are paying for all of his stuff to be moved paying the temaining payments for his laser eye surgery and he gets to be by this girl he has been talking with and hopefully start a relationship! How good is God! I was overjoyed for him, truly and utterly overjoyed and then I was overjoyed that I was so excited for him and didn't think at all about my situation and didn't start thinking about what was missing from my life. I was just happy. It not only made me happy but it encouraged me and I left the conversation feeling uplifted and hopeful. I brought this to my husband's attention when I told him another couple from CFNI we know is pregnant. He let out a sigh and I told him about the amazing feeling I had when I released my desire to be a mom. I found rest, that I've been talking about, and I found it with this too. I can only do so much and I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself about things I can not change or help anymore than what I've already done!
This afternoon Nathan got home and was all excited to tell me about how he was excited with a guy at work today about something and how I was right it was such an amazing feeling. My husband rocks because he's learning to be truly happy for others. He listened to me and let me be a helper, and well he is just an amazing husband all around.
Our marriage just continues to blossom and it brings joy to my heart.

Something amazing that happened after all this, is we got a call from our insurance guy, about the car accident claim we filed. Well what happened was the cop at the scene suggested a certain amount, that sounded nice to us! Then we had the evaluation and the quote was a bit less then what the cop had said but was still better then nothing, well today like I said the insurance guy called and told us how much they are giving us and its a bit more than what the cop suggested! How exciting is that! AND what is soooo exciting about that is that with this money, we will only be a few hundred dollars from being debt free [not including school loans] isn't that EXCITING!!! =] I'm soooo pumped!!!! Debt free is an amazing thought and there have been many times we thought we were close and then we seemed to take a step back now it finally seems within grasp and it is really the most amazing feeling ever.

So besides that, things are amazing. I had dinner today at the house with a friend I used to work with at Michaels, which was nice. Looking forward to Sunday all day with my hubby, and now I'm about to watch Grease have an amazing new popsicle that my hubby picked me up at the store Mango Pomegrante...another reason why my husband rocks! He knows how much I love pomegrante and picked them up for me b/c he thought I'd like them and he loves me. =] What a blessed woman I am. Even when I don't see it, I truly am blessed.

Talk to you later everyone, thanks for the get well wishes! My ear finally unplugged and I feel a ton better, planning on getting on top of blogland after Easter craziness! =]


Peggy said...

You, your husband and your marriage ROCKS! You are truly a woman of Christ. Your blog inspires me:) It is so good to feel joy and happiness for others.

Hope you enjoyed your popsicles and GREASE! My favorite movie:)

Anonymous said...

Praise God! It's always so incredible to be completely blown away by how much God is going to transform everything in our lives, and take hold of everything. Proverbs 16 always comes to mind when I think about how much God blows me and my plans out of the water.

I found you via 20somethingbloggers (I'm brokensqueaktoy on there [:)