Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just back from an AMAZING choir practice! I'm singing on stage this Sunday! WOWZER I'm a little nervous but SUPER excited God is good! and I'm learning SO much, and finding SO much rest it's amazing. I haven't felt so peaceful in so long and it's amazing I can't describe it any other way.

Nate and I had an amazing Easter! Everything was amazing and better than we expected and the time we got together was amazing. I can't even begin to tell you the blessing it is to me that Nathan and my family meld so well together. It's like he's been a part of my family forever and it warms my heart. Here are some pictures like I promised... =]
Us before Good Friday Service
This was a completely candid and accidental picture that is awesome and sahows such brotherly love...haha =]

Flowers for both us from Nathan [what a good hubby I have!]

After the Passover Seder
Us at the Sunrise Service 6:30am It was GREAT!
Us on our way to church, Happy Easter!
At Church
Nate and His Church Mama, Druscilla
Nathan's grandma used to make lamb EVERY Easter, and so this year I decided to make it for him in rememberance of that tradition and the beginning/keeping on of that tradition in our family, he was VERY excited and everyone loved it! [I was happy since I never made it before!]
Me and the first Trifle I've ever made

Justin Taking a ridiculously large bite of potatoes

Lemon Blueberry Trifle it was my pride and the lamb was my joy! =]
So there is a mini update, it takes so long to upload pictures on here I tell you! =] Things are good with us though, we were able to repack some boxes and reorganize things so things won't be so hectic when we move, that makes me feel a TON better. Especially since the next couple of months are kind of busy with birthdays, a couple weddings and mothers day and then church events and possible new jobs [again lol] so I'm not sure how well I will be at updating but please keep us in your prayers! God is good!
Till next time be Blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, I gotta tell ya, you are beautiful, and your hubby is HOT (don't take that the wrong way) and every time I see your pics together I think 'wow what a beautiful couple!'. Hope you don't think I'm weird now!