Monday, April 6, 2009

Amazing Sunday

I know it's not Friday but my husband melts my heart and I just wanted to share the text he just sent me! This is our text convo!

Me: Can't wait to see you! Listened to part 1 of yesterdays sermons, it's raining! Awesome1 Bout to grab a book do load of whites and eat something can't wait 2 c u!

Nate: I luv you more than a storm & a good book, more than hot chocolate on a snowy day, & more than a million dollars a day for the rest of my life! I luv you more!

Me: Awww....lover you amaze me and take my breath away

Nate: Only because I'm in awe of u every single day. I am captured by ur spirit & ur face is the beautiful bow on a perfect gift given to me by our creator and king!

Me: :o) thanks baby, I needed that!

What a sweetie eh? I love him so much. We had an amazing day yesterday, church was beyond amazing! Went to membership class yesterday with rents. We actually become members in a month or so I guess, they only accept members 4 times a year, and they announce it a couple weeks in advance so...pumped for that when it happens! We got a ton more info about getting involved and a program they run through the church for college credit, interning in every ministry for a month, it's pretty amazing. The sermon was amazing he talked about the rules of engagement! The spirit was present like whoa! I was truly blessed and got some couped up tears out. Nathan and I both went up for the alter call and cried together. It was an amazing moment. It was encouraging and hopeful b/c it was an alter call for people who were tired of being where they are and believe that God has got something coming. It was for people that feel attacked, and opposed all the time and need refreshing...anyway when they post it online I'll post the link so you can go check it out b/c it blew us away! I talked with the choir director about joining choir and will hopefully start the process next week! =] I love being where I'm supposed to be! I love being in Florida, I love being married to Nathan, I love the time I have with my parents, I just am loving life right now, and I'm deciding to love life from now on. Circumstances will constantly come and try to take our joy, we must not let them win.
I wasn't able to do the ended up being a little more expensive then expected so maybe next year! Still excited about this coming weekend, we are going to a good friday service at noon too! And Saturday Nathan and I are going to the beach just the two of us. [I got a new suit too! it was on sale from $150 to $30 God is good!]
It was a great Sunday and this week is pretty low key, just cleaning up the mess that became when I was sick, it's not actually that bad, Nate's a good helper and I was stubborn some days and cleaned even thouh I felt like crap. haha
Have a great week ladies! Be blessed!


Lauren Thomas said...

It's always amazing when God shows up and becomes so evident in our lives! Good for you! I hope you thoroughly enjoy and embrace where God has you!

Peggy said...

What a text! Woah.
You two are so sweet!
Sounds like a powerful Sunday! I love those days.
Our God is an Awesome God!

Anonymous said...

Girl, that's almost gag-inducing cuteness.