Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting a lot lately...I really haven't felt very well, and have been zoning out.

Last night Nate got home from work and decided he was taking me to Urgent Care because I have been sick for over a week and my ear plugged up Sunday and was still plugged yesterday. So come to find out, I have my very first ear infection I've ever had. Which has made my congestion not go away...anyway I'm wonderful antibiotics, but when we got in the car to go to Urgent Care the car wouldn't start. It wasn't even turning over, so needless to say, we are blessed beyond words that my parents are within driving distance and they came, my dad helped Nate fix the car [which ended up getting a new battery] and my mom went with me to Urgent Care. So I got medicine the car is running nicer with a new battery and all is settled in the Bernock household again. God certainly is good.

Today I bought a new dress, [with my awesome gift card I got for a contest at work] for the Passover Seder it's purple and can be dressed up or down. I plan on saving a little and buying this fabulous scarf to go with it, and hopefully will find a nice cover up sweater type thing. It's floor length and gorgeous I'm so excited. Also some tights I've been wanting went down to $3.99 and a shirt I have been wanting to get Nathan since it came in got marked down to $9.99 it was so cool b/c there was only one more of my size dress left, the only one left of the shirt was Nathan's size and there was only one pair of tights left, an amazing shopping day it was! So off to rest, my friend Brandi is coming over tomorrow for a couple of hours to catch up and resting the rest of tomorrow. =] Hopefully next week I will be able to catch up on all your blogs I've missed and until then know I'm thinking about you.



suzzanna said...

awww sorry you havent been feeling well lately. Those ear infections dont feel nice AT ALL!! I hope you feel better soon :)

Peggy said...

I am glad you are feeling better. You know, it sounds like you and I had the same thing! You remember I was sick too.. and I guess it was all the congestion and drainage that caused an ear infection. My ear infection started the day I went to the dr for everything else... so I had antibiotics. However, it took like 3 days before they started working on my ear infection! It was like I was under water for 3 days. Not to mention the sharp pain! Not fun at all. So glad you have the medicine you need:) Glad to hear your car is back to life and sounds like a beautiful Easter outfit you will be wearing! YAY! God is Great:)

Faith will be wearing some purple too:) Can't wait to dress up my "live dolls" as Scott calls them. I LOVE Easter!

Sassypants Wifey said...

I hope you get to feeling better! Have some hot tea and take a nap in a warm cozy blanket. Feel good vibes your way!