Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Preperations

So April is knocking and I'm astounded at how time is just flying! This year has been a year of getting back on our feet, making tough decisions, within and reguarding others. It's a tough thing standing up for what you know is right when those whom you love don't understand, and yet it still must be done. So you look forward and focus on the good things like Easter!

I've never been a huge Easter celebrater, which may surprise some of you. However, I was always super thankful for Jesus and His sacrifice, I just never got into decorations very much on my own and after my Aunt died, well we didn't really do anything huge in our family about it...since she died shortly after Easter. I suppose maybe it was something inside of me that still felt guilty about the last time I saw my aunt...[on Easter] who knows! But I've moved past it whatever it was and am more excited about Easter than ever before! I think a lot has to do with the church we are going to, like I said before they are having a Passover Seder, which is a huge feast like the one that Jesus had when He announced His death to His disciples. Nathan and I bought tickets already, we get to dress up, and although we were hoping the whole family would be able to go, it's not really looking like that's a possibility due to the price, but I'm excited for us to go either way. Then we are also going to a Sunrise service on Easter morning! I'm sooo pumped! There are two different ones we have to choose between, our radio station is having one at Sea World and after we heard about that one we found out our church was having one as well. So we are deciding. My mom and I are making a big dinner, we invited my cousin and her boyfriend, and my mom's friend Beth...anyway it's going to be great!

I also get the magazine Country Living and I found an inexpensive craft I going to do, so I can start adding to my Easter decorations! It's a Almond Joy Wreath they called it...I'm very excited to make it! I love wreaths! So I will have to take plenty of pictures and show you my creation and how it all turns out!

Meanwhile, other than Easter decorations and fighting sickness, we have been looking at houses a lot lately, we are praying for favor so we can buy one! I'm excited to have a garden and have something we can add on to, paint and that will be ours. Something we won't be flushing rent down the drain with. =] So any prayers you want to throw at us for that would be greatly appreciated!

So any fun Eater projects going on in your homes? Hope to hear about them!
Have a blessed end of March and a Fabulous Beginning to your April!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck w/ the house!
Hope you're feeling better.

That wreath looks cool!