Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Raspberry Kamikaze Sexiness

So...The Bachelor was a major disappointment. Saturday I met Amanda from the last season of the Bachelor and she had told me that this was going to happen. Grrr....the Jimmy Kimmel interview helped me a lot though, b/c turns out he had to break up with her on tv because of the contract they had...that's a bummer and I felt bad for him, but only a little b/c I liked Melissa WAY more than I liked Molly but I really do hope that he gets his happily ever after ending.

Meanwhile, I went tanning yesterday, the first time in years! It was amazing and free, which always makes it better. The first three visits are free...how awesome is that. =] It made me miss the days I tanned on a regular basis, being tan just makes me feel so much more sexy that and I lost ANOTHER pound! I am on a roll! Losing weight, doing crunches, tanning, and....I put some color in my hair...Raspberry Kamikaze. It looks amazing! Here are the pictures:

My Mom let me put some in her hair too! She is so awesome!

Now I'm just getting ready for a BUSY week with my friend Michelle who gets in tomorrow and trying to nurse my husband back to health, yucky tummy and a fever is no fun!
Please forgive my absence if I'm not back on here until next week! =]

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Peggy said...

Hey!! Our house is FINALLY feeling better so I know how it is:) I have neglected my blog, work, email and lots of other stuff. Cool color! I can really see it in your mom's hair but it is hard to see it in yours in these pics. I am sure it is awesome! I LOVE tanning!! Lucky you. It is so expensive around here though... we have been trying to plan a vacation and if we ever do, I may go tanning for a bit before we go. Tanning is so RELAXING!