Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey there. Still sick here. Stayed over at my rents house Sunday and Monday night. Went to ladies night on Monday with my mum...didn't care if I felt like crap and it was worth it. Sunday's sermon was amazing and was about excuses.

Our new church is amazing because it acknowledges the power the enemy has but it also acknowledges the responsibility we have for our own lives and I love that, the getting a little kick on the butt on Sunday morning is what I want, b/c I want to grow! I learned this weekend that always focusing on my flaws and how I need to change is still thinking about myself all the time and I need to be thinking about others! Wowzer, if you stop and think about that for a sec it will hit you too. So yeah Sunday was about excuses. You can go on vacations if you save money for them, you can do this or's just about what's important to you. It was really amazing to say the least.

I also realized that I just need to step back from my relationships with my inlaws take a breath a break and start over. So much of our relationship I feel is built on bad first impressions. So I personally am focused on trying to get that picture out of my head and trying to prove that I'm not that person they have a first picture about, instead of just being myself. God is my defender. So I need to step away from the mess...that I have helped create and just breathe and start over again. I'm determined for this to work and I need a new approach. Please pray for me that it all works out. It's so hard standing up for what you know is the right thing when you know you will be misunderstood. I hate being misunderstood but I have to realize and accept that it's going to happen and I will just have to work my way through it. I can't betray myself.

So anyway got to jet b/c I think I got what Nathan had a couple of weeks ago and I seem to be getting worse instead of better...I was instructed to rest rest and rest some more. =] So good nite folks talk to you soon.


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