Monday, August 9, 2010

Floodgates of Heaven

So a ton of GREAT things are going on - I'm just overflowing with excitement!

First off - we were told originally that some money would be taken out of our deposit for the blinds that were broken in our apartment - and I found out last week that b/c of how clean it was they decided to give us our WHOLE deposit back!!! WAHOOO!!!!

Then Nate called Geico to transfer our insurance over to Texas - and b/c of that it turns out we've overpaid and now for the rest of the year we only owe somewhere around $100 so a $4 bill in October and 2 $50 bills and we are good for the year!! WHAD up!

Then he calls the Electric company to find out what sort of deposit we need - NO DEPOSIT!!! Praise God!

Oh wait - there's more! We are going over the budget and figuring out how much my plane ticket up north is going to cost with taxes and the tickets that have been $80 the last week that I've been looking at them were $20 yesterday!!! So with taxes it was $43 for my ticket!!!

And there's more! Nate is moving into our new place this weekend, which is a praise report in itself - but he didn't have anything to sleep on - his parents called last night and said they are sending us an air mattress as a house warming present!!! Praise God!!!

Every need fullfilled - and I give God ALL of the glory. I'm grateful that He gives us our needs and not our wants...b/c who knows where I would be if He gave into my every whim. What a love that is beyond words. I'm truly blessed, He is opening up the floodgates of Heaven and pouring out on us, for what we've sown - OH, I love this part of the process!

Here is me at 23 weeks - Baby Papaya Bernock

This is the last picture of me in my 5th month - tomorrow marks the 6 month mark!! Wowzer - and there is SO much left for us to do!!! But I'm thrilled and just so ready. My Sister In Law sent us some baby clothes and a stuffed giraffe with a rattle in the butt...oh it was so cute. I thought it was funny that the first thing I wanted to do was wash them and hang them up...and then I could see a picture in my head of my husband asking me what I was doing - as I washed them yet again and again - b/c

So anyway - busy craftin away - I'm going to be adding new products by the end of the week so keep your eyes out for an announcement.

Leave me some comment love and I'll be sure to return the favor!


Anonymous said...

WOW you are right about your floodgates opening! Good for you guys! AND You look wonderful! Stopped over from SITS and glad I did..

Lauren Thomas said...

That's awesome! It's times like these where you can really see that you are fulfilling God's plan!!! Good luck and praise God!!! Yay!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..