Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chinese Gender Predictor

This morning had my 26 week visit to the midwife - she said everything looks great, and I seem to be having a very normal pregnancy - WAHOO!!!

I did get my blood drawn for my glucose tolerance test and will find out tomorrow or Monday if I passed - hehe It's important that I have good results so that I can have our precious little one at the birthing center like I've dreamed. =]

Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's midwife said that her guess based on that - is it's a girl. Which brings me to todays blog focus - the "chinese gender chart" complete hoax or is there some truth to it...

I've been wondering just for the fun of it how many people actually look at the chinese gender predictor when they are pregnant - and just HOW accurate it really is. For fun I have posted the link below and want you to tell me if it's accurate or not in your case...

It is said to have over a 90% accuracy rate! lol
All you need to know is your age at conception and what month you conceived in!

Can't wait to get the feedback - I see it as a fun part in the game of not knowing what we are having, how fun all the speculating is. ;]


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Sally said...

Hey Sarah, your blog came up under "next blog" so thought I would do the chart and let you know it predicted correctly. I have one son, turning 18 in December, many blessings on your growing family.