Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bloggin - Sellin - Bakin

So - where to begin? I'm almost 6 months pregnant Wowzer! time flies and then crawls at the same time. lol

My hubby is in Texas, and has been getting his socks blessed off by our new church. I love it when Christ followers actually step up to the plate when someone is in need - I would like to consider myself someone who steps to the plate and we now have a family of people that do as well. =] ::happy sigh::

God does have a way of working it all out, doesn't HE? I wish I didn't doubt Him so much - but I'm getting there, life is all about the process, I keep reminding myself. ;]
So we are stashing our pennies away for the sum needed to get that moving truck to get all our stuff out there. Meanwhile I'm chillin with my Rents and have a lot of free time! So far I've read 5 books out the Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke, in a week. haha And after some chatting with my hubby have opened up an Etsy shop online to sell some things. Currently I have some pictures up for sale [mat included] and my first set of earrings!

I've always wanted to have my own business and sell things from home - I think it pairs up perfectly with being a stay at home mom and worship leader. So now I'm just starting with little projects and hoping I can sell some things and keep it going! I have a "trial" period of this...a certain time period and if I don't sell anything then I have to get a part time job - so if you have a minute and some money to invest in a dreamer stop on by my shop and show me some support ;] Here's the link:

Thought I would share some Baby things that I just adore...
This would read of course "a Nate and Sarah production" I love this b/c of how much we love movies and just how cute it is - I don't think you can argue with that. ;]

This is a baby anklet, it's a Cambodian custom I guess...but I think it's awesome. When they start crawling you hear the little jingle every time they move - they have Mommy and Me sets and I SO want one if we have a girl - think they are so dainty and pretty and definitely something to be cherished years to come.

I finally found a pack n' play that I really like - it has hanging stars! Nate and I LOVE stars, and there was a matching swing so although it doesn't go with my living room like I had hoped I'm still very pleased that I found something pretty simple and cute.

AND the biggest thing baby wise that we decided, is that we are going the cloth diaper route. I'm super excited about it - I found a decently priced diaper cleaning service in the area we are moving and couldn't be more thrilled. The picture here is the diaper we chose it's the new Flip diaper by Bumgenius [I just love all the cute names they have for cloth diaper companies] I love it b/c they have disposable inserts for when I'm out and about I don't have to worry about toting along poopy diapers. lol I definitely am sold on the fact that it really is a great investment - especially in the long run with many babies to come! =]

So I suppose that's enough for now just wanted to share in some of my excitement - I can't wait to have stuff in our new home and start setting up the nursery with all the baby things...awwww... My shower is coming up in September and I'm just busting at the seams with excitement! =]

Blessings to you all,

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