Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Come Fly With Me...

So things have been progressing nicely - it's crazy how much anticipation you get for midwife appointments. How much concern rises up in you! Am I making this up in my head? Is the baby okay? The list really goes on and on...but my Nathan is helping me stay sane for the most part.

Holding my hair back for me while I hurl and grabbing me water and banana Popsicles whenever I need them. He is so sweet.

At work we are back to normal NOT tax season hours. What a relief, we were both just so tired and missing each other. It sucks seeing one another and yet having no time together. So things should be getting better, and I'm able to get more sleep since I'm back to part time! WAHOO!

For the first time like ever I'm already mostly packed up and ready to go for our trip tomorrow - we are going to Arizona!! To visit the BRents [Nate's folks] it will be fun since we've a] never seen their house b] never been to AZ and, c] never visited them without a reason - first time I was meeting them for the first time and we had a wedding to attend after that were the shower visits, the wedding, two funerals, our nephew's christening...that was actually the last time we flew anywhere so we are excited to be in a big metal bird again too! So fun on so many levels. =]

It's fun getting ready for baby - dreaming of what the nursery will look like and like I mentioned last post how it will feel to have that precious bundle in my arms and call it mine. ::happy sigh:: I think I might just burst when it happens because just thinking about it is SO overwhelming, in a good way of course. =]

My Mum is all excited and already talking with my aunts about my shower. I actually had the idea for the I love planning parties. But it's going to be a Willy Wonka theme! It's going to be so much fun, my Mum has been showing me some of the ideas she found online and I just can't wait it's going to be a blast! I must say I've even more excited to see my family, some of which I haven't seen since my wedding or even before that - at my bridal shower. I've really been missing family lately. =[ Gotta love all those hormones, I mean I thought I was emotional before....yeah I'm hoping everything calms down a bit for the second trimester - which is in sight Praise God! only a few more weeks WAHOO!!!

Other than baby stuff, working, and our trip nothing really new going on. I'll fill you in on the trip when I return, have a blessed weekend!

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