Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yep that's right....We're Having a Baby!

Lots of time, lots of back and forth, indecision, doubts, certainties....and so on and the time has come!

It's funny how things work, last post I was telling you how Nate was working on losing weight to join the army, I was thinking about going back to school, recording, maybe starting a home based business...we were on a different track and getting comfortable with the fact that maybe kids were a couple years off yet.

Then some lovin' and some gas pain later and we find out we are pregnant! Wowzer!
Really throws you for a loop, I figure it's God's way of letting us know, we have to rely on Him, we aren't going to always have a nice neat plan for our lives, the house will sometimes be messy, and things are just gonna turn out differently than what you may have pictured, it's about going along for the ride and trusting in Him. ::deep breath::

So details details....

I'm 8 weeks.
Due date is November 30th 2010
Currently, I do NOT want to find out what we are having and Nate was wanting to...but maybe wavering. Who knows when the time comes, I'll probably have convinced him to NOT find out and he will have convinced me TO find out.
I found a nice birthing center about 6-7 minutes away from house where I can have a water birth as long as everything is low risk - which I'm praying and believing for.
I'm throwing up about once a day - the days that I don't I almost wish I just would rather than running to the toilet and dry heaving...tmi - so sorry.
I've already bought two pairs of maternity pants, not necessarily b/c I'm showing but b/c I'm so bloated none of my pants are fitting me anymore. :o]
I'm not able to eat much b/c NOTHING really sounds good, some things that have sounded good for brief moments have been: cucumbers, frozen yogurt, pancakes, chicken flavored rice, watermelon, cantelope, carrots, broccoli - you see this may seem like a lot but I eat a little bit of it and it starts feeling really sucks I have heartburn b/c I'm so hungry and water is beginning to even taste gross. And although it's miserable feeling so crummy pretty much 24/7 [except for some brief windows of time God gives me to help me stay sane] I just cuddle up with my amazing body pillow, keep taking my vitamins and then I close my eyes and imagine a soft baby in my arms that has Nathan's beautiful eyes and curvy top lip, my button like nose and cute stubby toes and such a joy overwhelms me, such a eagerness for fall to come, and yet a willingness to wait it out so we can both be healthy. What a stunning array of emotions, excitment, sometimes a little worry leaks in but is quickly pushed out, I just can't believe it's us, right now, it's not dreaming anymore it's reality and a lot of the time it doesn't feel like it. How amazing God is. =]

So anyway, Nate is still working on losing weight, but we are also looking into another road to the military that may take a itsy bit longer but mean more money and safety in the end. I'm getting laid off of my job this June/July and so am thinking about applying for a job doing retail again but just part time.

Lots of stuff going on, lots of possibilities, lots of reminders that there is time and we just have to take it one day at a time, it will in fact ALL work out as long as we trust Him to guide us and we listen to His gentle loving voice.



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Congrats! I know how much you wanted your little sweet pea:) So happy for you and Nate!