Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Season

Time does fly when life is going on.

I can't believe it's been over 2 months since my last post!

We had a visit from Nate's Mom mid december after we celebrated my birthday. The visit was great, it mended a few things, not everything of course what relationship has EVERYTHING worked out? But it provided hope and I know we would like to think in our house that it was a new beginning.

Family relationships are a hard thing to navigate through, especially when you are used to doing things one way and then you decide to change. So we have a ways to go with other relationships but unfortunately that has all really taken a back seat for now...

Our car broke down. I know it sounds like something that happens to everyone, but we went from us both having full time jobs and sharing a car to both having full time jobs to having no car.
It's been quite the situation. God has provided us rides currently but the car hunting has been anything but fun. With bad credit and no savings...you don't get very far. But we are seeing the harvest slowly increasing into our lives and so we have not lost hope that our tomorrows WILL in fact be brighter.

I love listening to the song by Casting Crowns - The Voice of Truth when I start to lose sight of things or get discouraged. Sometimes when you are faced with just crummy circumstances you have to DECIDE to listen to the voice of truth, it usually tells you a different story then what you've been choosing to hear. I love God for that, patiently whispering until I finally listen.

Our biggest news I suppose is that Nate has decided to join the army. Again I just love how God works things out. Over the summer we were looking into joining the Air Force, we talked with Nate's cousin and his wife about it...asked a bazillion questions. Nate talked with a recruiter that was less than half interested in him...lost a lot of weight only to find out that because of his bad credit and age it was pretty near impossible to join. We had told ourselves throughout the process even if this doesn't happen we are getting some discipline and focus in our life and that will be for something! Nate then joined Drivetime and I did a few months after that. We were slowly getting caught up and enjoying the company when...one day Nate was fixing the car and our neighbor upstairs who we had never met randomly came down and asked if Nate wanted any help. Through some conversation we found out that he was joining the army and we ended up talking to him all about it...the next week Nate talked with a recruiter who wasn't pushy or over zealous but interested in talking with Nate. Well fast forward to present day and Nate has taken his ASVAB and passed it with flying colors, not only that but he only took half time given him AND when he took the pre-test the recruiter said he did so good he didn't need to study and since we didn't have money for the book anyway we decided to believe him, so Nate didn't study. When he was read his results the guy asked Nate if he was a genius. I thought it was awesome and have been calling him a suuuuPER Genius ever since. =]

Yesterday he went in so they could get his fingerprints on file and he is in the middle of losing the remaining weight or inches and filling out the mountains of paper work. He found a job that seems to be right up his alley and when talking with a recruiter found out with that job even if he is deployed he will MOST likely be in what they call a green zone which is safe. =] That makes me happy!

So with all that going on I'm focusing on enjoying as much time as we can grab together, he just had his day off switched so Sundays are our only day together all day. And since it's busy season at work he's working over 60 hours a week...so needless to say after sleeping in tomorrow I'm cleaning the house. haha We are excited about this new season in our lives and although it's a bit scary I honestly can say I don't think I've seen Nate this lit up about something in a VERY long time if ever aside from getting married. =]

I've got some plans in the works too as to what I will be doing with all that extra time...don't want to share until I have some more definate plans but I can tell you that it involves music. We are both going after our dreams and although that means some time apart I honestly believe that our time together is going to be all that much better because of it!

I will try and give you more updates more frequently. Still using someone elses comp so...patiently awaiting my own so I can blog to my hearts content. lol

Hope all is well with you out there in blogland.
May this year be a truly blessed one for you and your families.

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Peggy said...

WOW!! What an update! So nice to see you here again:) I will pray for you and Nate as you start a new adventure! Smooches!