Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So our trip to Arizona was nothing short of AMAZING! Neither one of us had ever been and we were able to see SO much while we were there - busy busy busy but SO worth the exhaustion when we got home. =] This picture is all of us on top of South Mountain...not the very top but topish lol We were climbing around on rocks and having a blast!

We saw Tempe, Scottsdale, West Gate, The Mystery Castle, lots of card playing, oogling at baby things, visited their church which we really liked. It was just really great - drama free and hopefully the first of many lovely visits. Sharing such great memories really does amazing things for the walls of misconceptions to be overcome. Praise God for His goodness!

So other than that - I'm now 13 weeks pregnant! Our baby is the size of a peach! How amazing it is how fast they grow, that's something I'm sure I will be saying the rest of my life. I've been trying to enjoy pregnancy as much as possible, but I've been pretty sick. However the end of that is in sight! I had my first appointment with my midwife last week - we heard the heartbeat! What an amazing moment, I wish I had good pictures...but alas I do not I might post some of the bad ones...but that will take some convincing. lol Anyway - the midwife said that in a couple of weeks if I'm still getting sick and feeling like crap they'll get me a script for something so either it will go away on its own or I'll make it go away! =] I want to feel better.

We started planning the nursery, my mom is in full swing shower planning so most days things are just baby baby baby around here. BUT also I've applied for school! I've been accepted and all my financial aid papers are in accept for one and so I'm awaiting approval and with God's favor I will start July 11th attending the Art Institute of Pitsburg [Online Division] although all my classes are online it is a fully accredited program and will not read that it was online on my diploma. It's a Bachelors Program for Photography and I'm just beyond thrilled. There are so many things I want to do with my life and I can only do SO many things if I start with one. My brother has found some people to write me music - and I've found an online school that I work at my own pace for the most part - making it possible to finish with a baby - or wherever I am in the world!

I'm also seriously considering joining a business that I can run from home and do as much and or as little as I want with that - I'll share more about that later.

But there is just so much going on in a good way. This is my last month at work ending with my visit from my bestest friend Michelle - who will arrive within hours of the Eclipse debut! This year seems to be a crazy one - but surely an exciting one FILLED to the brim with adventure which I've always loved for my life to be - adventurous.

Blessings to you all,

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