Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Gift of Friendship

So I started out writing an angry venting blog about all the emotional crap we have been dealing with lately. How much my heart breaks for my husband...and all that jazz and although Nate told me "this is your blog, write how you feel, don't worry about other people." I just can't help thinking it wouldn't be one of my wisest decisions. So I decided to blog about friends that make us happy!
When we first moved here, we lived with Nate's best friend and his wife. Let's just say things did not go well AT all. Moving to another state and not having your own space and living with people you don't know well...let's just say we parted on non speaking terms. We didn't talk for about a year.
Then Nate and Ryan had a lunch chatted about things, realized where all the emotion came from and their relationship was off to recovery. However the wives, being happy for the husbands weren't quite sure how it would all work out.
A few months later, I wrote an email apologizing and explaining a little...letting her know I didn't expect anything from her I just wanted to apologize for the hurt I had caused and I hoped one day we could be friends but even if not, I would love to at least get along so our husbands could get together more often. Some time later, I did a reply from her. Accepting my apology and apologizing herself. She even said she was sorry it took so long...I told her, I really meant it when I said take your time. In the letter I even said a month, a week a year whatever you need...everyone works through things at different speeds it's selfish to expect them to get through things as fast as you might. Later on, you will appreciate the time you gave them if you need it yourself! =]
So anyway as a start to the year they invited us went well but was still awkward and we were kind of thinking that it might just not ever happen. Well after some texting and facebook wall writing out of the blue a couple of weeks ago they texted us and asked what we were up to. So a spur of the moment trip to the Brooks house happen. We had dinner, played euchre at a starbucks, walked around a small pond/lake thing, went back to their house and played Wii, but mostly we just talked & talked & talked. Things weren't awkward...everyone was relaxed it was amazing. So then we chatted a bit after that, and just went over again this last Thursday as well. So we are trying to get together more often, it's a lot more relaxed and we've talked through some of the things...apologized some more, but mostly we are just thankful to have that relationship restored, two years later but it is restored. =] So anyway they have a beautiful daughter, who is of course our adopted niece and we just adore her and she loves us as well. We are quickly bonding. Here are some pictures!

Uncle Nate tickling!

Gracie was sharing her dolls with me.

Getting her hooked on

Sharing a nectarine with Auntie Sarah

Beautiful Gracie

Too cute

Us girls.
Next time I'll take some better pictures of Ryan and Katie. =]
What a blessing friendship is. God is so good and faithful, I'm truly grateful that He works all things together for good.
Blessings to you in your friendships,

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Peggy said...

So happy to hear that things have worked out:) I hope all is well with you and Nate.