Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Blessing of Friends

"Friends are the family you choose"

We were SO blessed to have some friends we had in Texas come and visit us! Robert and Tara. Tara worked with Nate at the OG and Robert was able to come to Nate's graduation from CFNI! We've kept in pretty good touch with them, but hanging out again made us miss them SO much.
It was a LONG night filled with laughter!

Nate [looking a little like Peter Pan] and Robert laughing at my comment about Nate looking like Peter
Tara and Me
All of us
Robert and Tara

Also, God has totally brought a couple from church into our lives...Michelle and Otto.
She is in choir with me and Otto plays the guitar in the band. They are as loud as us, [which is hard to imagine] theylove God, and want to be parents just as much as we do, and have those same struggles with it just not happening. It's rare to find couples married for a few years without kids, so it's nice to have that bond.
God is so good and is filling in those empty places. Sending us people that know our hearts, are on our same page, that we can learn from and help out as well. It makes getting through the rough spots a little easier with people backing you up.
Also, just wanted to let those of you who prayed for Nate last week about his meeting with the Pastor. It really helped! God really revealed some stuff to us, and it was different than what I expected. Sometimes we need rebuke but sometimes we need to be validated, encouraged and backed up! I'm thankful that God knows when we need what and provides for us exactly what we need. We are definately finding that peace and I'm SO grateful for it.
Blessings to you, your friendships, and your families,


Yaya said...

Wow. Looking at this pics I can how much weight you two have lost. You guys look amazing. I mean, I always thought you two were so cute, but wow, good job! Ku-dos!

Sarah Bee said...

Thanks so much Yaya! It's been a lot of hard work and people noticing makes it so worth it!