Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Onion Fun

17 weeks - Baby Bernock Onion
That bump is showing quite some outfits more than others. =]
Had my first class at the birthing center last night "Healthy Pregnancy" was the title - just things to stay away from, what your body does as it grows and so on...a lot of good information - some cooky perspectives, and some peace.
One of the big things is - since I've been pregnant I'm the MOST comfortable sleeping on my back...I've heard this bad for you to do because it can cut off the blood flow to your baby. Well apparently although this is the case - for normal people [like myself, lol] if your body is not getting the blood flow it needs it will wake you up so that you roll over - the same happens with your baby, if he/she needs more blood flow your body will wake you up! Praise God!!!
Chelle gets in next week - SO pumped for her visit. We all got shirts to wear to the Midnite show of Eclipse on the IMAX!!! It's going to be epic for sure! Then after her visit one more week of work until our move and our anniversary.
Nate actually sold a car to someone who works at the Sheraton Riverwalk hotel in Tampa...and she comped us a room for two nights for the occasion. SO amazing since every last penny is going to the move. Praying that God will come through with some more pennies if you know what I mean - but He is certainly faithful and good. Nate got his transfer to the store he wanted which is a praise report and now we are just trying to get approved at the place we are hoping to live - with bad credit this makes the situation look tough but my God is bigger than any situation! He will provide I'm sure of it.
Other than that just resting and packing and spending time with my Popa before I leave.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer!
Blessings to you,

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