Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Other News...

15 Weeks - Baby Naval Orange.

Yesterday we heard that precious baby heartbeat again - oh it was lovely. Louder than last time and just wonderful. =]
The midwife said based on the heartbeat she would guess it's a boy.
We've decided to officially wait to find out what we are having though - to add even more to the experience, since Nate will be "catching" the baby he will also be able to announce what it is and just the thought of that melts my heart...God is so amazing in the way that he creates life and expands family. ::happy sigh::

In other news - WE ARE MOVING! Yep you read that right - we are moving back to Dallas, TX. We have friends there anxiously awaiting our arrival. But there is a reason for the move other than friends. 5 years ago God told me to go to CFNI and I knew based on things He had told me before that I was to pursue worship ministry. I didn't. and I didn't even finish. So fast forward through - meeting the man of my dreams - dropping out of school - becoming bitter with the school - a year or so of partying and running from God - a year or so of healing...and now we are at my church two Sundays ago with guest worship leaders. I've already been accepted into a Photography Program for a completely different school and am working out the remaining kinks of financial aid and I have this AMAZING heart warming/breaking worship service and I realize how empty I actually far I've gotten from what I know my purpose is...and I start realizing how much I've sold out, settled yet again and how much time I've wasted. But I also realize [with the help of my husband] that all hope has not been lost. And I just simply asked him in all seriousness - how do I stop coming back to the realization that I need to do something with music? How do I stop having these light bulb moments of clarity and then forget them a week later? And he said funny you should say that b/c I was just talking with one my friends about this and he was saying that you know when you feel lost in life in any way go back to the last thing God told you to do - did you finish it? and it all became SO clear to me. I felt as certain as I did when I went there in the first place, and Nathan felt the same so after a week of research and heavy duty prayer - we are going.

Are all the details worked out? Yep. Do I know all the details? Nope. But I'm amazed at the peace I have. For one we found a place that's not an apartment that has an extra bedroom and bathroom from what we have now AND a washer and dryer for the same rent. Our friends have already talked about how they can help us move and are ranting and raving about their church. Nate is chatting with his bosses about transferring - which we are believing is all going to work. But we just aren't worried.
Oh and I found a GORGEOUS birth center there too - I'm head over heels.

Although I'll miss my family - even the presence of family does not fill the void that not following and fulfilling your purpose leaves in you. So that's what's new with us!

Thanks for the prayers as we embark on this new exciting adventerous new season of life!
Blessings to you all,

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Peggy said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! I love pregnant bellies:) God bless you!
We are seriously considering moving to... to Arizona! Glad to hear you liked it there. It will take a while for us to get there, but I hope it's a good move for us. But like you said... I will be so sad to leave family:(